SwishUnlock is a very simple jailbreak tweak, by Filippo Bigarella, that adds another step to your iPhone’s “Slide to Unlock” operation. From the iPhone’s lockscreen, you typically have to slide from left to right to unlock and enter the homescreen.

Instead of sliding once, SwishUnlock makes you slide twice to unlock. The slider must go from left to right, and then from right to left.

I see SwishUnlock’s functionality, but it honestly got a little annoying for me. I wasn’t used to the direction change and my finger didn’t want to adjust to a new way of unlocking my iPhone.

This tweak is part of the TweakWeek challenge, and you can check out some more awesome tweaks from the project here. SwishUnlock is available for free under the dev’s repo (http://filippobiga.me/repo) in Cydia.

What do you think of SwishUnlock?

  • Kieran

    hmmm doesn’t work for me, then again i am also using android lock

  • LG

    I’d rather have a version that slides right to open to homescreen and left to open directly to a particular app (like Mail).

    • XepptizZ

      That sounds bloody marvelous actually, you coukd add a button left and right to accomplish this visually.

    • heredago

      This is brillant!

  • c0esx


  • Loved It The Moment I Used It.
    My One and a Half Year Old Daughter Now Returns My iPhone as It Does Not Get Unlocked 🙂 Intelligent Stuff Guys.