Uh oh, looks like someone has a bad case of the Mondays. Well, what better way to start off your week than with a charming infographic? By now you’ve probably all heard of Apple’s new spaceship-looking building that will be built in Cupertino.

The new structure was introduced by Steve Jobs himself at a recent Cupertino City Council meeting and is slated to open by 2015. The completely circular building will house around 12,000 employees and will be created without using a single piece of straight glass. So, what will the new campus be like on the inside?

Obviously, it’s going to have all of your typical big-business amenities, such as onsite cafes and leisure areas. But for the guys who design “magical” products like the iPad and the iPhone, typical features just aren’t going to cut it.

To help us get a better idea of what Apple’s new home will consist of, the folks over at TheJoyOfTech put together this hilarious graphic highlighting what they believe are going to be some of the building’s major attractions:

Though I’m pretty sure some of the features are a little impractical, the courtyard that can turn into a swimming pool is pretty sweet. All kidding aside, I can’t imagine what it’s like to design a new high-tech campus without a spending limit. Mine would include a Chick-fil-A and a shark tank.

What would your dream campus include?

  • Hopefully it will include an iMax movie theater with an Xbox 360 hooked up to it. That’s all I need. Plus a water park, roller coaster and a basketball court, baseball diamond and a football field. A McDonalds, Pizzaria, KFC, and a Chinese joint. Then add a beach and waverunners and you have a perfect facility

    • Ken

      Must include them to support 12,000 workers for daily task.

      • Yup. Few more things I decided need to be included. An 18 hole golf course. A casino. A night club. A few full service restraunts. Segways to get around and a bowling alley

  • kokhean

    This reminds me of Ben 10.

  • Aleks

    A place to smoke weed! Lmao

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    The funny thing is… And I’m not kidding… That u still might have some free space…

  • monkers

    In’n’out burger please

  • ME

    I want one!

  • Daniel Courtney-Gregerson

    lmao “I want one!”

  • Daniel Courtney-Gregerson

    I would have a massive mainframe made of 2048 Mac Pro’s. Photoshop wouldn’t crash then xD

  • Neil Dutta

    I like the iMissile & Particle Anti-Android Accelerator, except they should use Blackberries instead !