One more feature to make our ultimate list of new iOS 5 features is the ability to now use your iPhone while it is syncing with iTunes. Until now, you couldn’t use your iPhone or iDevice while it was syncing. This is now a thing of the past.

As you can see on the image above, the new “syncing” icon is running in the status bar, but I can still “slide to unlock” to use my iPhone. Jailbreakers might already be familiar with this feature as it was first made possible with Synchronicity

Finally, we can now both sync and text at the same time, that is, if you’re not using iCloud Sync of course.

Thanks to Nadal for the tip.

  • Ryan

    I’m already able to read and respond to texts while syncing with BiteSMS.

  • Renato Pires

    Free sync is better than Synchronicity!

    • Rick


  • SomeoneOnLine

    the fewer tweaks installed the better/more stable the device is. plus a native function is almost always better than 3rd party or at least it should be. 🙂

    • Marc Glave


  • Joeyjojo

    It seems apple have been learning what people want on there iPhones with all the new stuff in ios5. Maybe one day there may not be a need to jailbreak afterall.

  • Screwzoo

    All thanks to the Jailbreak Community for Apple’s biting.

    • Aaronieru

      I disagree that they “stole” the idea of Wi-Fi Sync and Synchronicity. People were asking for those features looong before they were jailbreak apps. Apple stole a few jb app ideas, in iOS 5, but not these ones. I think people are only complaining b/c they were paid apps. Otherwise they would praise Apple for finally adding those features.

      • Lupius

        Still, it took Apple 4 major updates to the iOS to finally get around to something that should have been functional from the get-go. Were they seriously thinking of asking users to stop using their product for 10 minutes every time it’s plugged in to recharge?

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        “Were they seriously thinking of asking users to stop using their product for 10 minutes every time it’s plugged in to recharge?”

        Ummm, actually you don’t need to sync every time you plug in for a recharge…

      • Alec

        I think the only reason the free sync app was denied was because apple was already working on it for iOS 5…

    • I agree with aaron, JB community just delivered the tweaks before apple, whats there to say apple didnt already have them in the oven – maybe working on them to make them less battery consuming and more stable? Im 100% sure that the JB counterparts of those features are way more battery consuming and less stable than the tweaks

  • Screwzoo


  • William

    is there a way to initialize the wireless sync without pluging in the power cord?

  • Jeff

    I can’t get wireless syncing working. HELP PLEASE?

  • Sean

    Theres a “section” I guess you can call it, under General in Settings which says iTunes Sync and says Sync Now in it. So I’m supposing thats where you go to start the wireless sync without needing to plug in the phone.

    And wireless sync is disabled right now.

  • Jeff

    Yeah, I have that, but it won’t let me tap it. I have iTunes open, and everything, same wifi, too. Now I see, its disabled. Thanks for the info.

    • Sean

      Sure, no problem. They might activate later on in one of the future betas.

  • Vic

    @William I’m sure there’s going to be a jailbreak tweak to do that. 🙂