Earlier today we did a post about Whited00r, a custom firmware built for older Apple ARM6 devices. It includes built-in tweaks and gives you the option to remove unwanted features like Spotlight to make your device faster.

Whited00r has been out for a while, but it’s kind of flown under the radar. There’s still millions of these older devices floating around, so we figured we’d give folks an easy walkthrough on how to install Whited00r on your older iPhone or iPod touch…

It’s not like normal jailbreak software. Typically you use a program like RedSn0w or PwnageTool to jailbreak an IPSW file, and then load it onto your device. But Whited00r’s already jailbroken, so all it really takes is restoring the custom firmware.

While you can certainly sift through our jailbreak and download pages to find the appropriate resources to jailbreak your device, Whited00r is easy to install and adds a lot of useful features like multitasking to your older device. How easy are we talking here? Check out the tutorial below:

Important Note: Compatible devices are iPod touch 1G and 2G, and the iPhone 2G and 3G. Whited00r is not compatible with any other products.

Step 1: Make sure your device is up to date by plugging it into your computer and firing up iTunes. In the iDevice’s iTune page, click Check for Updates.

Step 2: Once your device software is up to date, download the Whited00r firmware here. I suggest that you download it to your desktop so it’s easy to locate.

Step 3: After the file is done downloading, navigate back to your device’s iTunes page. Hold down the option key (shift for Windows users) and click Restore.

Step 4: A window should pop up allowing you to browse your hard drive. Select the Whited00r firmware you just downloaded.

Step 5: Installation can take up to 15 minutes or more, so don’t freak out if it seems slow. Once completed, it is recommended by the developer that you choose the “Set up as new iPhone/iPod” option, rather than restoring from a previous backup.

That’s all there is to it! You should now have a modified version of iOS on your device, along with the infamous Cydia icon. If you run into a problem, just put your iDevice in DFU mode (hold down home and power buttons for 10 seconds, then release power button and hold home for 10 seconds) and start the process over.

If you really feel like you’re in trouble, you can always restore back to your original iOS firmware.

Any questions?

  • Aynft

    There is a jb tool for all devices olready why should i use whlted00r just find the tool and jb idevice

    • DarkReaper

      Simply being, whited00r only would require a restore and hey you’re jailbroken already with multitasking and the nice goodies without going to Cydia and getting Backgrounder, Multifl0w, Circuitous, ProSwitcher, etc. Saves lots of time!

  • Anonymous

    And here begins 10 posts about whited00r. Are you guys seriously just finding out about it?

    • What are you still doing on this website if you find their posts useless?
      Im sure lots of other people find it useful.
      thanks for the guide, they didnt have one (i couldnt find one) on their website… So thanks alot, will check out what kinda tweaks they got

  • Ives

    Step 1 is not necesary since you would fo the step 3 anyway 🙂 …
    Moreover step 1 woould upgrade your bb make it hard to unlocked…
    Therefore step 1 should be avoid…
    Simple as that…

    • rdqronos

      On the iPhone 2G and 3G, the basebands are permanently unlocked. New basebands are not developed for these older devices anyhow, since firmwares aren’t developed for them.

  • TrueBlueBlooded

    The iPhone 3G permanent software unlock requires upgrading the device’s baseband to 6.15.00 from the 3G iPad. It’s not a perfect solution as those who do so experience GPS issues with no possible resolution because once upgraded there is no going back. At this point upgrading the baseband will never be an acceptable option for those of us that have labored to keep our 3G’s baseband at 5.13.04 or below for unlocking purposes.

    • dappa75

      My wife has a iphone 3g that we jailbroke and unlocked by upgrading to the 6.15.00 baseband (4.2.1)but its running slow @ times. Would this help?

  • Matt

    Does this work for MC model iPod Touch 2G i have people that tell me it will and people that tell me it doesnt

    • Check the official website for this firmware, they have all info you need

  • Dhana

    I’ve tried thhs on my iphone 2G. Everything seems to be fine,,, bt the phone slower then the 3.1.3.

  • whited00r is good if you want to try some features of iOS 4 (multitasking, folders, MMS)…but it comes with a price…You may experience a performance issue…However, you should not complaint about this as you’re getting many features which are not intended for old generation devices.

  • SubPrime

    My biggest concern with this is that I’ve read many people saying it’s optimized for older devices. It’s a bit of a drawback when installing features intended for new devices on an old one. Multitasking obviously puts a large load on the processor therefore making the device slower.

    Imo the only need for any of this is to remove or disable functions currently installed in stock firmwares such as spotlight and push notifications that tend to slow the device down.

    Using whited00r to enable features that come at a performance sacrifice seems ass backwards to me, but of course its always up to the user’s liking.

    Hope this helps some in need of clarification of performance vs. Features

    • Well the dev of the firmware said that all the tweak are built in to the firmware so it should run faster than devices running tweaks from cydia,
      like the background wallpaper, winterboard slows down a device too much but that being built in doesnt.
      But i agree with the devices becoming slower due to running the newer features but thats why we have the option to remove them

  • Watty

    The most recent WD FW comes with a ./Configurator script which allows you to disable certain functions which you dont require. e.g. multitasking, shadows etc. It also deletes daemons, language packs and moves some system files to increase physical memory. So its basically made for people to choose what they want. They dont force you to use certain features.

  • mngstr

    Been using it since its release. Using it for just calls, sms’es & ‘light’ games. *Tip – Just Disable all the tweaks, (folders,multitasking, etc.) and it will run flawlessly! Fyi, I got 60+mb of Free Memory when idle. Recommended! ;D

    • Irha

      If you disable all the tweaks anyway, is the main benefit for you the increased free ram? How do you compare the responsiveness to the stock firmware? Do you still have all the stock firmware features, if not which ones dio you not have anymore?

      • Mngstr

        I still have all the stock features. As Folders, Backgrounder, uses Mobile Substrate, it ‘eats’ up your memory. Folders arent that smooth fyi. You’ll get glitchy stuffs. Like empty folders & missing icons which makes you have to respring. And till now, i’ve got no complains using it. Just a hint, do not restore old backups. Just check the Contacts box that’s all. 🙂

  • Having read over the features list in greater detail it makes great sense to have a post installation config script. It seems as though the whited00r devs have outdone themselves with all aspects of this.
    This script will come to great use for people who have either 2g and 3g iPhones especially.

  • DarkReaper

    What about te MC-model iPod touch; suppose would work on it too? It is third-gen, but has 2G spec list.. And WTF why did I forget about this Whited00r, just downgraded my iPod back to home 3.1.3 and jailbroken, don’t wanna restore again but damn.. /:

  • Julia Buckley

    Newbie here, needing some help (embarrassed). I’ve upgraded the phone to 3.13 and backed it up. Downloaded white. But now when I connect the phone it goes directly to the activate screen and I don’t know how to navigate off of it to the “restore” screen. Any help greatly appreciated (please don’t flame me for my newbieness).

  • d

    ive got an ipod touch 1g and am using a mac, not an mc ipod either. for it was restored to 3.1.3 but when i try to jailbreak with this software it gets stuck on the connect to itunes screen. can someone help me please?

  • Sam

    I have a jailbroken 3G with a broken home button. So this does NOT need DFU? Wow?! Currently stuck on 4.01, dream come true if I could upgrade …..

  • Orion Reyes

    Easy to install, faster than 4.2.1, and the greatest thing is that it preserves the baseband unlock! I just bought a cheap iPhone 3G while I wait for the iOS 5 unlock on my iPhone 4. This way I can use the 3G while I travel, but seemed slow and faulty with official firmware. Great mod, now I like it the way it feels and runs!

  • Anonymous

    Will installing whited00r delete all my contacts and messages?

  • Ahmed Mohamed

    Hi, I have an iPhone 2G and every time i try to update to ios 6 they say an error has occured. Please help
    Thank You