Dialer Shield: Stop Accidental Screen Presses While Talking on Your iPhone

By , Jun 13, 2011

It’s no secret that jailbreaking has made owning iDevices more enjoyable. If there is something that you don’t like about your iPhone or iPad, chances are that the jailbreak community has a utility or app that’ll help.

Dialer Shield is certainly a testament to that, as it provides an easy solution to a fairly annoying problem. Have you ever been talking on your iPhone and accidentally pressed End Call or another function with your cheek? Dialer Shield solves this by locking your iPhone screen during phone calls…

This handy little tweak puts a stop to accidental key presses by blocking them while a call is active. Don’t worry, the in-call menu is still accessible via a bidirectional slider. Sliding left unlocks the call menu, and sliding right ends this call.

The iPhone contains a proximity sensor that is supposed to detect when the device is next to your cheek and deactivate the screen. While not everyone has experienced problems with the their sensors, others have found it to be a real issue.

For the folks constantly dealing with cheek-presses during phone calls, Dialer Shield is a nice alternative to some of the other utilities on the market. It comes with a $1.49 price tag and is available in Cydia, just search for it.

Have you tried Dialer Shield? Do you prefer CallLock or another tweak?

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  • carter

    I thought the proximity sensor on the iphone took care of this problem.

    • Ur a dumass.

      Carter…. Can you read more than the headline? “The iPhone contains a proximity sensor that is supposed to detect when the device is next to your cheek and deactivate the screen. While not everyone has experienced problems with the their sensors, others have found it to be a real issue.”

  • http://wxdo.com ian

    Who’s the pilot? 😉

  • Pukka

    Sick this will be great for my girlfriends iPhone 3GS which proximity sensor is Broken

  • Mathew Bivona

    CallLock is my favorite. Its cheaper, and has the proximity lock feature.

  • KP1877

    Calllock solved this issue months ago…just saying

  • DRey

    There’s absolutely no reason that should cost any money at all.

  • LT916

    All u gotta do while talking on the phone is press the power button once to lock the screen – to avoid accidental screen presses.

    • DRey

      Ya that actually ends the call dude. Good try though.

      • Goofygreek

        Not when your using a headset. Yes I know this is not about calling with a headset.

      • http://wxdo.com Ian

        Not on my 3GS with 4.x. However, it does end the call on my wife’s 2G running some old 3.x OS.

  • http://www.myweb.com Adem kaba


  • DRey

    @goofygreek I think the proximity
    sensor thing is a non issue when usin a headset…. Just sayin

  • Usersean

    PhoneCloser has a lock during call feature and allows you to end calls with the home button when locked. Much better than any others I’ve seen.

    I’m sure it’s free as well…

  • DomPerignon

    CallLock is better and cheaper.

  • Ryan

    working proximity sensors are better and cheaper… cuz they come with the phone. and do you know who fixes broken proximity sensors? Apple, and with AppleCare, it’s also cheaper than this app. It’s free. This app is a solution looking for a problem

  • InigoMontoya

    My biggest issue is pocket dialing, I use the receint call screen alot and I don’t always get out of It when I finish my call, I know if I home button or power button out it will do the trick, but I tend to forget… Any tweaks u guys can recommend?

  • Petoria

    By pressing the power button once you’ll lock the screen!
    Pressing twice ends the call.. Just to let you know…
    Have a look on the iCademy app.. It’s free, by the way and shows many many hints on iOS usage…

  • jasvncnt10

    I installed id, iphone 4 4.2.1 puts my phone into safe mode.

  • Nick

    Call lock doesn’t have the left and right bidirectional slider though so to me this is better

  • john

    Have been using Call Lock since it came out and was happy with it but was always wondering if there was something better. Came across Dialer Shield a few days ago and let me tell you in my opinion it works better than Call Lock. Love the fact the it automatically greys out the buttons so i can use the proximity sensor like it should almost be used. With Call Lock I would have to turn on the phone, then swipe, and then swipe again to hang up. With Dialer Shield just swipe left to hang up or swipe right to select buttons. No, I do not work or know the developer but I have been using this iphone for almost a year and this has finally fixed my issue.

  • Ahmed Al-Takrouri

    when are you going to upgrade to iOS 5!!!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/R3IGKTWDGXMY46ANYUU6XXE5NI N

      Just installed PhoneCloser on Ios 4 running 5.1 tethered jailbreak (using latest redsn0w). Works great and is free.