There’s always been an argument that the 3G-equipped iPads are just 9.7″ iPhones without a calling plan. While VoIP apps, such as Skype, can indeed turn iPads into a phone of sorts, there’s never been a way to make proper cellular calls using Apple’s tablets. Until now.

Enter a new jailbreak app courtesy of iPhoneIslam, the same guys who brought us FaceIt3GS – an app that allows iPhone 3GS users to get in on the FaceTime bandwagon.

Called PhoneItiPad, this jailbreak tweak allows owners of the iPad 3G to make telephone calls using their cellular connection just like an iPhone, making the iPad the world’s largest phone…

Available for $19.99 from the repository in Cydia, PhoneItiPad will require users to hand over their device’s ICCID – a unique identifier for mobile cellular devices. Some may understandably be apprehensive about handing over such a unique and identifiable number, but it’s a necessity if you really must make calls from a near 10″ phone, writes RedmondPie.

So how do you get your hands on PhoneItiPad?

  1. Go to the iPhoneIslam website to activate your ICCID in order to make the tweak work once installed.
  2. Open Cydia and point it to the iPhoneIslam repository –
  3. After installation, your iPad should be able to make and receive telephone calls just like an iPhone.

Unfortunately, this particular tweak isn’t currently compatible with the iOS 5 beta, so keep that in mind before you hand over your money for PhoneItiPad.

Have you tried PhoneItiPad yet? How well does it work? And do you believe that hefty $19.99 price tag is worth it? Let us know your thoughts on the tweak in the comments below!

  • c0edx

    Wait, does the iPad have a mic installed on it or you would have to use your iPhones ear buds? Also will the data work, because I tried putting my iPhone 4 ATT sim in my iPad 2 ATT 3G and the data did not work.

    • You serious ? ofc it has 🙂

      • c0edx

        Okay I did not notice that. What about the DATA will that work?


    i will wait for the cracked version!

    • Someoneonline

      How can it be cracked if it relies on you giving them your iccid.?

      • EXACTLY 🙂 they use your ICCID as a part of their security. So, no one will be able to crack it 🙂

  • fallin

    Shit should be free. Crack it

    • soccerkrzy

      You’re a dumbass, not much more needs to be said.

  • soccerkrzy

    How do you get an actual number? And how does your carrier handle the calls/sms? Do you not have to also have a voice contract with your carrier if you do this?

  • It’s Me

    Anything with the word Islam in it isn’t getting my money, probably goes to fund Al Queda or some shit haha

    • kokhean

      You racist stereotypical insensitive fool.

    • Ben

      @It’s Me.

      Typical brainwashed idiot. You need to get out more and see the real world.

    • ahmed

      shut up idiot …not islam is not al Queda! be careful about u said about islam…if u like buy it if u don’t fuck off

      • ahmed’s brother

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  • It’s Me

    That was a joke btw before any1 jumps on the racist train lol

    • kokhean

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    • Ras

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  • Saif

    Done, works really great 🙂

  • babeh

    Hmm last time they [iphoneislam] done facetime on iphone 3gs [faceit-3gs] very well for free.
    20 USD is actually cheap for new second smartphone.

  • Jon

    it worked for you Salf?

    • Saif

      Yes it did Jon, actually it worked for many others too. Check their reviews on YouTube.

  • Bertha

    You can you a app called i call. It allows you to make calls from the iPad now it give you a member to



  • vic_doom69

    is this voip or is it actually using cellular

    • vic_doom69

      if it is cellular, and reason why this wouldnt work on iphone. i use my iphone prepaid. i used to use the sim out of my ipad in my iphone when i wanted to use data, this can be done by changing the apn settings to broadband on your iphone. if i could install this on my iphone and put my ipad sim in then wouldnt that give me voice and text with 2gb of data for 30 a month? anyone else see where im going with this?

  • Jon

    cellular! How can we talk without bluetooth headset? wired headset?

  • SuNcHe

    Guys, first of all, you need to know, this app only makes your ipad capable of making phone calls and send and receive SMS like a normal iphone would. If your sim card does not have a voice plan, then it will not work because you don’t have a voice plan to call, however, if you insert a sim with voice plan capability, then you can make phone calls using the cellular network. Get it straight guys.

    • vic_doom69

      ok i see thanks for clarifying that for me. i thought he was just using his normal ipad sim. dang, and i was all excited too. lol

  • Abdul abaca

    I don’t know but I’ll buy it but its the same thing with the Swirly SMS app in Cydia I couldn’t get it to work I emailed the maker and they told me my carrier had to allow SMS MMS when you activated your iPad data plan and everyone knows that didn’t happen even when I called AT&T they told me there was no way to add the feature to my iPad’s unlimited data plan. Also the way AT&T’s dealing out those texts and emails of doom alerts telling you that your plans needs to be updated because you are TETHERING, AT&T says tethering is sending your data to any device computer gaming console whatever and also swapping out your iPhone sim and putting it into your underground craigslist iPad 3G is tethering, that’s why I say idk

    • SuNcHe

      So Basically AT&T is an ahole, time to change carrier when the unlocked iphones come out for sale in the US.

    • Srinvias

      You will not be able to call after installing this app with AT&T ipad sim card…..readover the Q&A section in the IphoneIslam website…

  • Jon

    is this going to work for 4.3.2 ipad?

  • Max

    Why looks the Program in the Video so much nicer than the real one?

  • milind

    Awesome it wrked 4 me… N its worth…. Go 4 it guys…

  • SuNcHe

    Works for me too! Expensive, but totally worth it! A backup phone when you need it! However the icons can be a little better.

  • babeh

    Forgotten about the zipadblog, sebastien? i think this is should be posted there also.
    no news activity there…

  • Lebron James

    Works great with H2o wireless; I even got the 3G Internet working too ; anyone knows how to get FaceTime working?

  • noriest

    Can it use a bluetooth handsfree to call?
    If i restore my ipad and jailbreak it again,do i have to pay it again?

  • Ives

    This is good app, but $20? Maybe too much… Will wait for discount price or when its going free or get cracked 😉

    • Saif

      Well, buying an iPhone for 20 $ is not expensive, is it?
      Got it?

      • tbonez811

        Buying an iPhone for 20$ isn’t bad but say you’re on a CDMA network and already throw out big money to the provider then u have to activate a new account on a gsm network pay even more for a backup, pay for the mods activation? Pricey in my case but would be ideal if on gsm. I will just stick to google voice on my iPad 1st gen. Visual vm, calling, and texts for free minus data package

  • Jon

    Bought this today! Really working! I hope the devs will give freebies to pioneer buyers!

    Really cool for 20 dollars.

  • noriest

    Wooooow realy work nice app now i can use skype for my ipad& all cydia app for phone working too,
    Way to go iphoneislam

  • noriest

    My facetime work perfect,setting,phone,facetime on just like that

  • Lebron James

    When I try installing ifacepad I get error messages , do u know a good reliable SOURCE through CYDIA?

  • Ian

    iPad and iPad 2 both have microphones 🙂

  • DaNzI

    work wif ipad2 4.3.3 3g?

  • Session

    You will have errors if you use the, it is unable to make backups thru cydia, that is why you having issues..Restore and jailbreak using redsnow or snowbreeze and cydia will be working correct..Do not use …then installation will work just perfect.. this is the problem, not the program or cydia, cydia is unable to work correctly..


    when u change your sims card AT&T KNOWS THAT HOW DO GET THEM FROM KNOWING THAT

  • hi i got an ipad2 3G and i have mistaken install this phoneitipad on my ipad2. It was jailbroken using So after finished installed phoneitipad, I found the facetime icon become the phone icon and when choose phone icon, it just open the facetime, nothing like dial pad there. so I removed it from cydia. However, strange thing happened. I found my ipad2 now can not using any internet connection, it didnt get any IP address. I tried to plugged out my sim card then put it to the ordinary modem and connect with laptop, it works well for browsing. When I put it back to ipad2 only got the 3G signal but can not make any internet connection at all.

    I am afraid if there is any hardware problem with my ipad2 for internet connection??
    Any suggestions or solutions will be very very appreciated.. please help me

    Thanks all.

    • Wadhi

      Iphoneislam told that cant compatible with ipad 2.. You should aware..

  • guys just figured out it was caused by the APN was deleted by phonitipad tweak. I already read the FAQ and fix the APN setting by using That’s awesome by the way.

    But actually even on ipad it might happen the same problem right? (APN setting deleted)

    Waiting the tweak for ipad2…. 😀

  • sinnedt

    just discovered a way to use bluetooth headset with this.

    worked for me.:)
    hacked to install whatsapp using old method,google it( i didnt use whatspad from cydia but u can try)
    install celeste bluetooth file transfer
    install bluetooth service manager.
    try running celeste ( run the program by turning on btstack etc and back again a couple of times) then, uninstall btstack it will uninstall celeste as well.

    then go to settings and turn on bluetooth, u should be able to connect to your headset.
    dial to ipad and ipad to any phone to test. i got it working after a few tries ! goodluck!

  • Noriest

    Didn’t work for me 🙁

  • T3ch

    Hello Guys i finally found a way to get phoneitpad for free if you did like and you want it, send a comment i want it then i will tell u to download phoenitpad free 🙂

    • Sting

      I want it how do I get it

  • Gene

    I am hours into trying get app after I paid for it. So far this is a joke. I have moved my account to a sim on iPad, have service, can’t call or use data as AT&T has a block. Also, having zero response from a sentient human to emails is perfect for the age of obamacare web service

  • Ahmed Khalil

    when remove PhoneItiPad the network not working what i do ?