The entire tech industry watched as Scott Forstall outlined Apple’s 10 most prized (or most ready) new features in iOS 5 last Monday. To everyone’s surprise, the entire presentation went on without any mention of the rumored Apple/Nuance partnership.

TechCrunch and other media outlets reported multiple times last month on sources claiming that Apple and Nuance had struck a deal to bring legitimate voice recognition technology to iOS. But WWDC came and went without a word from either company…

Luckily, the curious community has folks like Chronic poking around the internal settings of iOS 5 to help answer questions that Forstall and company left us with last week. The latest find by the infamous iDevice hacker proves that there is more going on in iOS 5 than meets the eye.

Somewhere hidden in the admin menu is an option to turn Nuance Dictation on or off. There is also a feature called Nuance Long Endpoint that can be enabled or disabled. And if you still don’t believe the Nuance rumors, check out this other feature Chronic came across:

It appears that Apple will give users the option to display a quick-launch icon on the keyboard for the Nuance Dictation feature, much like the microphone icon on the Android keyboard that activates voice recognition. Could this confirm a voice to text feature?

I think we all tend to forget (including me) that WWDC was advertised as a “sneak peak” into iOS 5. It’s likely we won’t see a final product until at least September, which gives Apple plenty of time to add surprises. Stay tuned.

Are you hoping for new voice recognition technology in iOS 5?


  • Timohty/klouud

    Ok this is nuts! Looks like Apple really listened to the COMPETENT iOS users! This is absolutely phenomenal!! So iOS has the best AppStore, biggest user base, huge gaming community, and now the OS is actually approaching the functionality of Android!

    For once, thank you Apple! For once!

    • William

      agree, it seems with each passing day, more of those 200+ new features are uncovered.
      iOS 5 is going to be epic.

  • Mo

    did you guys notice in Storage..

    it shows how much space each app is taking and even let you remove the stored data of that app as well….

  • iOS 5 is epic… But the way its implemented on an ipad isnt good, they need a different UI on it… Not too complicated but enough for apple haters to stop calling it a large ipod touch
    like the notification center… It looks wierd when pulled down on an ipad but perfect for smaller idevices

    • gtrfgfd

      I know just like SBSettings on the iPad looks hideous

      • Also the lock screen is ridiculous, a tiny “slide to unlock”?? seriously? On a 9.7inch screen it doesnt make sense.
        Apple hasnt been very creative with the home page, only very basic stuff… Now what i expect from apple

    • Timohty/klouud

      …but the iPad is just a big iPod touch…

      • But dont all tablets look remotely like giant ipod touches if not similar? Its just the UI of the home screen that needs to be improved, new lockscreen, better way of displayin app icons, better notification center, widgets… Live wallpapers… Those are the ones i can think of right now but more features could be added

  • Manuel

    I’ll choose a jb over this still. The jb community will find ways to better these ideas. They always do.

    • Good points, so with android everything is everywhere but apple is more controlled…
      But i just hope that apple or cydia tweak is in the making allowing ipad users to feel as if they are using a table not a giant ipod touch, along with some cool features like better UI for homepage not just customisation of the icons

    • I would also love to scroll down on the home page
      also some more things to drag down like on android

    • Now that i think about it they just need to completely rebuild the home page and thats it, everything else is customised for the 9.7inch screen

  • Igeek

    iOS 5 will kill android…

    • I like iOS but android is way ahead of them due to apple taking forever to approve something worthy of being in iOS

      • Manuel

        True but android has a learning curve for some people. iPhones out of the box are like using fancy flip phones for older people or even those who don’t know how to use a smart phone. I think Apple doesn’t want to push tons of iPhones like Android phones a month or year based on all those issues have. Android phones having gps not even working out the box. Phone aren’t update to the latest firmware when the phone is the newest of their kind. Things like that lead to bad things in my opinion, like the feeling that Android throws unfinished products for sell to people.

      • Manuel

        Android did something I loved though, I could run the Rom of any Android product or custom Rom of someone elses, making it something like no other phone. Rooting is like a different work, although rooting is kinda boring now with what Android has already.

  • Aaronieru

    So this is Chronic’s contribution to the jb community? How is that guy the leader of a dev team if he doesn’t actually do anything?

  • Person

    If this is really in iOS 5 then I will shit myself

  • check out this voice recognition adventure game for ipad.. it’s free.

  • Mysterious

    stop comparing andriod app and apple ios. andriod has a lot of feature but apple is unique with every feature is useful not like andriod 🙁 like the song “Too much love will kill you” 🙂