Videos like this remind us how “magical” Apple’s products really are. If you’ve haven’t seen a good magic act in awhile, you’ll appreciate this presentation called, “iPod Magic – Deceptions.”

Marco Tempest, or “The Virtual Magician,” shows off some of his handiwork with a few iPod touches. It’s not your typical set of magic tricks, and the whole presentation has an interesting message as well…

Marco talks about the art of deception and how the human mind prefers to be “tricked” in today’s society. Did we mention that he does this with some mind-blowing iPod interaction and special effects?

Marco has put the app that he used to sync up those three iPods as a free download in the App Store. It’s called MultiVid, and it allows you to synchronize multiple iPhone/iPod touch screens at once. The app is designed for video playback on multiple devices, like this presentation demonstrates. You can read more about MultiVid here.

Pretty cool video, huh?

  • Dae

    This was great!

  • BLiNK

    that’s is freaking amazing! also, the video of him in the beginning and end looks 3D

  • Igeek

    I remember him lol bad ass

  • Clever

  • Tina

    Very cool loved it!!

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  • Stark

    2 thumbs up!

  • Bimmer

    How the hell did he do it ?

  • Shahzad

    this was awesome

  • Fl0wingfire

    “The Art of War” reference at 2:02 xD

  • I love his magic plus his accent is cool he’s a real likeable guy he should he’d kill em!

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  • Kalps133

    Awsommmenessssly superb 🙂

  • woojoo

    kinda lame…all it took was a 4 minute video playing across 3 ipods, and very good timing, although u can see that he messed up his timing at 2:47. i dont get whats so cool about this…