When the iOS 5 Notification Center was unveiled by Scott Forstall at WWDC, the possibility of third party widgets was also teased to developers. Although no public SDK for widgets was announced by Apple, the first, non-Apple widget has been successfully added to Notification Center, thanks to the RedSn0w tethered jailbreak that recently got updated for iOS 5.

Developer WillFour20 was able to dig into a jailbroken version of the iOS 5 SDK. He uncovered the ability to add his own widget, and he demonstrated it with the above: “Hello World.” Thanks to this discovery, developers with jailbroken iDevices will be able to start developing and testing widgets for iOS 5…

Apple is still silent about whether there will be a public API for widgets in iOS 5, but WillFour20’s discovery proves that developers don’t technically need an Apple API to create widgets.

The “Weather” and “Stocks” widgets currently ship with iOS 5 Beta 1, and Apple will most likely add more of its own widgets in future releases. Developers obviously want the ability to create widgets (a streaming Twitter feed widget would be super cool), and all Apple needs to do is open the API so that devs don’t have to use the back door that jailbreaking provides.

It doesn’t really make sense for Apple to introduce the concept of widgets in iOS and only offer two. Widgets will most likely be distributed in the App Store under Apple’s watchful eye. Apple is probably working on adding infrastructure for widget distribution in the App Store as we speak.

For some reason, widgets in Notification Center are currently only presentable on the iPhone and iPod touch. Apple will hopefully open up widget access to the iPad in the next iOS 5 beta.

Widgets have been available to jailbreakers for quite some time, thanks to apps like LockInfo.

Are you excited for widgets in iOS 5? What types of widgets would you like to eventually see in the App Store?


  • Timohty/klouud

    Hooray!! Hopefully the pulldown menue will be accessable on the lockscreen. I’d personally like to see a calcualtor widget, twitter feed + update bar, Facebook feed + update bar (it would be nice to be able to update facebook and twitter at the same time, ie with one bar), and most importantly – quick toggles as a widget.

    Shoot… there goes most of my jailbreaking needs right there. Now we just need themes and a few more tweaks and we are good to go!


    • Ty

      Yep, couldnt agree more.

      Personally im looking for some neat little tweaks.

  • Delete

    If the toggles in SBSettings could be made into widgets, that would be fantastic.

  • Eric

    Widget is where Android wins iOS

  • Chris

    The developer said he didn’t need to jailbreak to do that..

  • BoyGadget

    Yeah I’m very evicted. I would like to see widgets about music, calendar, twitter, favorite contacts, quick settings, weather.

  • Weebsurfer

    Hmmmmmm, wonder if apple is leaving the interactive aspects of SMS notifications to developers in widgets. Would be a better approach and opens up possibilities like biteSMS as an app store app. if apple were to do it it would be too stripped down. Fingers crossed.

  • Yellow

    I really hope that jailbreak tweak developers can take advantage of an already jailbroken iOS 5 to port their tweaks to the new version. It would be awesome to upgrade to iOS 5 then immeadite

    • Yellow

      ly jailbreak and have my favorite, and maybe even improved, tweaks ready to go

  • How much you want to bet this becomes available in a later 5.xx ??
    I think apple is seriously just poaching jailbreak tweaks the best ones either they buy the developer off or they simply clone and eviscerate it making the jailbreak community less and less in demand except for piracy that is that will remain the number one reason to jailbreak.

  • Érico

    JB wins!

  • Breno (Brazil)

    Ita. Veeeeery nice to have widgets in os5 but it would be very much more if it was in the homescreen like in android phones. It would improve personalization and access to them

  • pn2bade

    If I can get a view of a monthly calendar and a 2Do widget where you can see what tasks you have to do, when they are due, and the priority, I can then not add lockinfo to my list of jailbreak apps to install in iOS 5.

  • qK0ng

    Lets see, settings toggle, quick reply for SMS and imessage, and a list of all your apps, so you don’t have go back to the home screen 😀

  • Frank Guillen Jr

    I would like a wifi, 3G/edge, Bluetooth and a vibrate toggle, and a flashlight toggle also.
    A weather widget.
    I’m pretty sure I am still gonna have to jailbreak my phone to get some of these if not all.