We already knew it was possible in iOS 5 to snap a picture by pressing the Volume Up button, but iDB reader @MrSergioRamos now tells me you can also take a picture by pressing the Volume Up button of your iPhone headphones as well.

Once again, this is not a killer feature, but a nice one to have, and a nice one to know…

Did you know about that trick?

  • Timohty/klouud

    I have never recieved those type of headphones with an iPhone… plus this is not that great. Using a button on the phone is far superior to this.

    • Steve

      How is having MORE features bad? You shouldn’t use EVERYTHING as an opportunity to complain. Keep it to yourself.

      • virjog

        Steve Jobs, is that you?

      • Steve


      • virjog

        I love the terse response. You just forgot to add “Sent from my iPhone.”

  • Burge

    Jailbreak tweak …know on iOS 5 …

    • Kuipo

      And the list keeps growing. Lol!!

  • Its actually good for the spy folks out there… More subtle pressing the volume button on headphone than on phone

  • JC!

    this tweak was in Snap Tap @ cydia!… ONE MORE KILLING!!!..

  • Useful and more subtle for the spy folks out there

  • Mohomed Safran

    same as FASTSNAP right,,,,,,,, its good that without the cydia we can do theses things

  • Eldaria

    Actually, could be handy if you have a tripod for the iPhone, or if you want to make sure the shot is steady.
    Holding the phone while taking a picture while slightly low light, will make it fuzzy, this might help.

  • Monkey magic


    • You Sir, are an idiot…

      • MIKE56

        Hahahahahahahahahahahaha rolf

    • Xenomorph

      South africa has iphone galore. In my own business unit of just 20 ppl, 5 of them have iPhones.

  • Mrsergioramos

    When I found this trick I thought of old school cameras with the wire hanging on the side for you to push the button while the curtain is over your head. I bet someone can make an accessory with a stand and all by using this trick 🙂 ideas are comin

  • Ken

    How about volume button on bluetooth headset?

    • mrsergioramos

      don’t have bluetooth, the ip4 earbuds are better for me. i would give it a try, would like to know if it works… i don’t think it will cuz its via bluettoth. hardware setting not software setting id think.

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      that’s exactly what I was thinking, I have a nokia bluetooth and would be cool to stand the camera and choose the moment when you want to take the picture without put a time and run in front of the camera to take the picture,

      New ideas are always welcome 😀

  • Luis

    confirmed: you can take pictures if the camera app hears the words: “cheese”

  • With my iPhone 4 sometimes works, sometimes not.
    After a few shots with the headset the app closes.

  • October

    I think thats pretty awesome! Stand the phone up & take a pic of urself much, much easier, cool! Or to time a group photo w/ friends

  • krizz

    tried it with the apple bluetooth headset and now i lost the volume button function ,thinking of downloading snap tap via cydia