We’ve all been there: You’ve had a late night, but you still have to get up early in the morning. You set your iPhone’s alarm for the usual time to get up and go to work, and you’re greeted by your alarm in the early hours of the morning. You’ve got the option to snooze the alarm or turn it off. Which option do you choose?

MathAlarm is a new jailbreak tweak, by Ryan Petrich, that makes sure you’re actually awake in the morning. You have to solve a simple math equation before you can hit the Snooze or Deactivate button.

This tweak is pretty genius if you’re not that much of a morning person. What better way to make sure you’re actually awake than by giving you a math problem?

Personally, I’m so bad at math that MathAlarm would probably drive me insane instead of helping me wake up. Combine that with not being a morning person, and you probably won’t want MathAlarm.

However, I’m sure there are plenty of people that will appreciate a tweak like this.

MathAlarm is available for free in Cydia, and it’s part of TweakWeek. (repo: http://rpetri.ch/repo)

What do you think about MathAlarm? Useful for you?

  • Junios

    Are their any official apps in the app store like this one?

    • Yes, the name is Freaky Alarm.

    • Luis

      no, officials app wont be able to prevent the snooze option

  • Alastion

    I’m still trying to think what 93×11 is…

    • Cristian


      • Cristian

        I checked myself on calculator, and was surprised to find I was right 😀

  • That’s a fantastic idea! I’m good at math, but in the morning it’s not quite the same. if you keep your brain active, your more likely to wake up. My thanks to Ryan for all these tweaks, I’m going to get this one today.

  • Mripod64

    I like it 🙂

  • Funked

    Great idea! But I agree with the writer, this tweak isn’t for me lol. I think I’d end up with a smashed iPhone after a few attempts of solving the question :p

  • Trev

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS, IT IS F*#KED, it froze my iphone at first then it kept restarting it and is incredible slow to boot back up, i have to restore my phone now because i cant do anything 🙁

  • All these new tweak week tweaks have been pretty weak they’re also very buggy. Quality > quantity

  • I would need use another phone or calc to solve it

  • Muskel

    I like the app, but it is very buggy

  • LOL 93×11…. I wouldn’t even know that if I was wide awake. This app would probably make me break my phone into pieces. He should maybe put in some equations that you don’t need an abacus to solve…

  • lostguy

    why cant I find it in the repo???

  • mostapha

    i’ll shout my iphone with my glock

  • Luis

    can i get the equivalent app in add and subtract?

  • JoBerlin

    Nice idea. Tried it and it’s amazing. Then did set up a real alarm and instead of solving the equation this morning I unlocked the iPhone and entered my phone code.
    Now the bad news: the input box was gone but the keyboard still visible. The background was greyed out and I couldn’t even normally restart my phone.
    My idea was to ssh into it and enter “reboot”. Bye that time the second alarm started and made the Springboard crash. Alarms were off, after a respring everything was back to normal.
    I was awake, already sitting at my computer – so it did work. But with solving a different problem 😉

  • Sam

    Would be a great app if the number pad didn’t block the “deactivate” button… I have to reboot my phone every time just to make it stop.