Here is a feature that had slipped under my radar but I just found out out about it on AllThingsD, even though I still had to dig around to figure out how to get it to work since the article didn’t mention how to get there.

We already know from the WWDC keynote that iOS 5 is bringing deep Twitter integration. One of the many new features in iOS 5 is that you can add a Twitter handle to any contact. What Apple didn’t mention is that you can also add Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, and Myspace info to any contact…

If like me you use Google Contacts, you will not see this option. However, if you go to your iCloud contacts, you will be able to add all the aforementioned services to your contacts.

Now can we get Facebook integration as well, Apple? Please.

  • Parkupine

    Is the a fast & easy way to copy my google contacts to my iCloud contacts? Would really like to avoid recreating them all. Thanks

    • Not sure about that one. There has to be a way, probably by doing an export of google contacts then importing them in iCloud once it’s fully up and running. I will definitely have to look into that.

      • Parkupine

        Merci Seb! I’m also going to look into that and if I find anything I’ll hit you back.

  • if you click on the twitter handle of the person, it asks if you want to view their tweets or tweet them, then it brings up a similar box to tweeting a photo, only you can just add text without a photo or link… only when viewing through the contacts app, and not viewing contacts through the phone app

  • AMB

    I seriously didn’t get why there was only a Twitter integration, leaving Facebook behind was kinda… odd.

    But I’m really hoping for some kick-ass integration à la Twitter.

  • Tyler Hauser

    I would love to see Facebook integration. Only makes sense… Unless Apple’s planning their own social network!!!

  • I know windows phone 7 basically uses facebook as your phone book like all contacts are initially added through there

  • kirk

    here is a tip, if you replace the ‘’ part of the URL to ‘fb://profile/xxxxxxxx’ it will open the persons page in the facebook app and not in safari.

    • QuarterSwede

      Nice! Great tip!

  • Well, seems like everyone has short term memory here 🙂
    Remember when Apple came up with Ping and they (Facebook) decided to give Steve the NO?
    I have a feeling Steve’s gonna say Ping is “not their finest hour” again… 🙂