You know in iTunes how you can rename your iPhone or iPad while it’s plugged in? With iOS 5, you can now do that directly from your iPhone. This is definitely not a groundbreaking feature but I’m sure some of you will appreciate it.

In order to change your device name, you will have to navigate to Settings > General > About > Name…

Is it a feature that you think you will ever use?

  • I’d you this twice. When I buy a new phone and when I sell it. Other than that no but it gies along with Apples whole cut the cord theme

  • Daniel

    It’ll make it easier to troll bluetooth devices with pair requests because “Daniel’s iPod” won’t show up. (Ie, can’t tell it’s me) 😛

  • Драган

    Download iBlueNova from Cydia and you will get this feature right now 🙂

  • Yup that’s awesome you can change it to your twitterhandle or an alias

  • OrangeSn0w

    Wifi charging? Is this part of the cut the cord advert? IT DOESN’T WORK

    • Cristian

      I’m not even sure how to reply to that. -_- although I’m pretty sure you were joking

    • trolololol

      Not sure if trolling, or just stupid.

  • AMB

    That’d be particularly useful when you want to pair your iPhone with a bluetooth device.

  • SpideyRules

    Remember that Apple is moving away from needing to connect to a computer, where you can do this already. All of that functionality is going to have to be built into the phone, unless deemed unnecessary…

  • wschloss

    This is a great feature that allows better management of home and enterprise networks and assistts diagnostics.

  • Sweeny Todd

    This is great for personal hotspot. Sometimes I forget to turn it off and people at work see my name come up on a list of Wi-Fi networks. It looks lame to see “John Smith’s iPhone” come up on the network.

    • Jason Masters

      Then change it to Sweeney Todd

  • wschloss

    I don’t think this is new in IOS 5. I named mine in previous versions in network settings, then when I upgraded to IOS5 the name persisted. However I did notice an improvement in clock accuracy. Used to be off by about 20 seconds now within 1 second (check with Emerald Time). Important for security traders to be able to get last trade of day submitted on-time with precision.