A new feature in iOS 5 allows you to print maps direction directly from your iPhone, assuming your have a Wi-Fi-friendly printer of course. I didn’t pay much attention to this feature until I actually tried it.

In order to print directions, tap the little icon at the bottom right of the Maps app. You will then be given several options, the “Print” one included…

I was more impressed by the layout of the printed maps than by the feature itself. The layout of the print out is much better than what you get when printing from the Google Maps website. If I ever need to print directions for someone, I’ll definitely use my Maps app rather than Google’s own site.

This is a scan of the print out so it doesn’t look as good as the paper version of it, but it gives you a good idea of what it looks like.

What do you think?

  • This is better than the printout on the Google Maps page!

  • Diddyo

    it doesn’t look very printer friendly as I don’t think it needs the thumbnails of the junctions, you could get less pages without them. still I like this feature.

  • Delete

    Is there any way to access your previously saved Google Maps from the site?

  • Eduardo Gonzalez


  • William

    I only wish Apple changes the traffic color to that of pre-iOS4.
    The traffic highlighting colors now are way too light, need a more vivid color for it to be useful.

  • Oh wow! what a great innovative work they has done:-) so we eagerly waiting for the this time has to come soon…..

  • Marina Diamondez

    often out on the road and prefer maps on my iphone rather than risk losing myself in a huge paper map. downloaded printcentral pro app from the store and it lets me copy maps from any mapp app that allows the copy function. if i do need to print it will let me do that too. don’t know where would be without it, probably lost ha ha