You’d think that by iOS 4.3.3, Apple would have figured out that deleting songs in your music library directly from the device was a much needed feature. Apparently it took Cupertino one more firmware version to reach that conlusion.

When in the Music app (previously know as the iPod app), simply swipe your finger across a song to have the option to delete. Hitting “Delete” will remove the song from the device. If your music is on iCloud, it will obviously still be in your download history for you to download again at any time for free…

If the song was from your desktop iTunes library, you will have to sync your iPhone again to get it back.

Again, this is one more of these features that should have been here since firmware 1.0.

What do you think?

  • wondering

    So if you delete it from one iphone, would icloud also delete it from the other devices? and how are they managing the option between deleting a song and by just removing a song from a playlist but not deleting it????

    • Érico

      i hope it’s intelligent enough to know the difference between deleting and removing songs.

  • Timohty/klouud

    LOL!! I think I spammed you about this 5-6 times. Thanx for the info!

  • Dae

    You know how long I’ve waited for this!!!

  • Andy

    haha Finally! Did they include ID3 editing as well?

  • Marco

    Im still trying to figure out: can we not store songs on iCloud that we downloaded from sources other then iTunes

  • Im still trying to figure out: can we not store songs on iCloud that we downloaded from sources other then iTunes

    • Yes you can however it will cost you $25/year which isn’t bad at all. It will scan your iTunes library and find all the songs that it might already have in the iTunes store and put those onto your cloud then any songs iTunes doesn’t have it will upload the rest. That way uploading songs shouldn’t take that long.

  • kokhean

    If I leave my iPhone around, and someone else picks it up, they have the ability to delete all of my songs. Jailbreak tweak is imminent.

    • SLue

      If you leave your phone around you have much more to worry about than someone deleting your songs.

      • kokhean

        Sometimes my younger cousins walk around and plays around with phones. So that might happen.

  • josemiel

    I’ve been waiting for a long time for a way to delete songs right from the IPOD application. I’m surprised there isn’t a jailbreak app for that yet.

    • Boss

      Me too!!!!

  • JB95200

    There is no application to delete because thé iPod library is built with a database and when you delete a song, all thé database is rewritten! Thé rewritte of database was not possible with ios4 because thé library was in root acess ! Only pwtunes with thé purchase method ( user acess) could work( but when you delete one song you need to resync all library)! Excuse for my english

    • Yboy403

      I hate it when people apologize for their English. I’m sure my [French, Indonesian, Swahili, Mandarin, or whatever else you speak] is absolutely terrible.
      If English isn’t your first language, you don’t have to be ashamed of speaking it badly.
      Who feels the same?

  • Fantastic.

  • zen

    i am really excited to see this feature!

  • JB95200

    Thé question now is when we jailbreak, coud we input song manually in library ?

    • Br3nt

      You can enter a song manually into the library without iTunes with the app mewseek

    • Br3nt

      You can enter a song manually into the library without iTunes with the app mewseek.

    • Brent

      You can enter a song manually into the library without iTunes. Get the app called mewseek.

    • Brent

      You can enter a song manually into the library without iTunes. Get the app called MewSeek

  • Luciano

    I think its great! I was weating for this features (the name scrolling too).
    I would like to see an option to select a song and play after the current song ends, something like “play next”, “play last” or “play now”

  • pat

    if i delete a song on my iphone is it going to reappear next time i sync? that would be pointless!

    • You are correct, I did this exact test:
      – Swiped to “delete” an R. Kelly album (sorry R.)…success!
      – Got home, synced with iTunes. The album was back on my device!

      I thought, “Well, what’s the point of being able to delete it, then!? To “temporarily” delete it from my life for the day?”

      As soon as I get home and charge the device, it wirelessly syncs with iTunes, and magically the songs are back in the playlists they were in when the day began. Can anyone think of a reasonable reason to include this “feature?” Half-baked and will be fixed in iOS 5.1?

  • Someone

    it is kinda pointless =/
    does anyone know how to manage the delete option so songs are deleted only on the device you delete them on, but not reapear once you sync them with your computer again??

  • I think the delete function should delete the song from my device and also permanently from each playlist currently on the device. This way, when syncing with iTunes back at home (or iCloud via iTunes Match), those playlists are edited, but the songs still exist in your iTunes library (i.e., “deleting” songs from your device does NOT delete songs from your iTunes library).

  • pat

    gotta just share this with u….as a DJ i audition PILES of new tunes and delete 90% of them. I use the star rating system. one star means “DELETE” when I sync, i always sort by rating, select all the 1-star items and delete from my hard drive.

    this Delete feature is a godsend (or jobsend 😉 as long as it removes songs from my library…please “fully bake” it.


    • You have a pretty good method of deleting songs (using the stars). We just shared 2 different methods for how the “Delete” function should work…this tells me they should allow us to decide how the delete function works.

      Would be nice to choose between these options:
      – Current method (default, safe for typical users): Deletes songs from all playlists on current device, but then they are restored back when syncing with iTunes.
      – My method: Delete from all playlists on my current device, and then delete it from those same playlists on other devices.
      – Your method: Delete the song from all playlists, not only on the current device, but all devices and delete from the library.

  • Nichu

    Seems the second choice is pretty okay. It physically removes the file from the device. The first method brings the file back when syncing resulting use of your phone memory.

  • Michelangelo

    I think it should delete from the device, then “uncheck” the song(s) in iTunes when you sync. That way it’s not a permanent delete, and they won’t reappear on the device when you sync next. If you only sync checked songs that is.

  • jeffmartin

    If you edit a playlist with the song you want to delete, you can delete the song from the playlist, but it doesn’t delete it from the iPhone directly, just from the list. In some cases, depending on how you’ve set up your settings in iTunes, it may then delete the songs when you sync, but there’s no way to delete them immediately.