Earlier we reported that iOS 5 will give users the ability to playback video in full 1080p HD. The new feature is a welcome addition in iOS, which previously only allowed 720p media playback.

It now appears that iOS 5 will not only let you playback video in full HD, but also export it. 9to5Mac is reporting that a tipster sent them in code from the SDK showing a new 1080p video export option…

Buried deep in the iOS 5 software development kit is a media framework that now allows video to be exported in 1920×1080 resolution, or full HD. Previously, programmers were only able to export video content in 720p.

The code was found in the export preset strings of AVAsset, a class that allows developers to create and manipulate media files such as video and sound. Why would they change the video export setting to 1080p if the iPhone 4’s camera only captures video in 720p?


This discovery all but confirms the recent speculation that the next iPhone will sport a better camera. Add this to the recent reports that Apple has been ordering a slew of 8MP camera sensors, and it’s really hard to ignore the writing on the wall.

Though many have expressed fear that the added megapixels will produce unwanted noise from the tiny sensor, I don’t see Apple implementing a better camera without confirming its advantages.

Combined with the new iOS 5 camera enhancements, Apple’s really giving iPhone-toters a reason to toss out their remaining point-and-shoots. If you think that’s a stretch, please point me to the nearest retailer where I can purchase the latest Flip video camera.

Do you use your iPhone as your main digital/video camera? Would you use it more if it had a higher resolution?

  • Brandon.

    I wish they’d try to find higher megapixel cameras. 8 megapixel is so last year. I have a bad feeling that As soon as they release the iPhone 5, we will be seeing phones with cameras that have more than 8megapixels.

    • Patrick Nilsson

      It’s not always about the megapixles. Compare the iPhone 4 camera with any other 5MP camera and you’ll notice a difference

    • Yeah MP does not have much effect on the quality, There is a reason why iphone 4 is the most used smartphone camera (on flickr)

    • dfgbhfdv

      Acually 8MP is so 2008-9. These days, if you want a good camera, you get 14-20MP with 3D

    • javierE186

      Mega-pixels do not necessarily mean better picture quality. The lens of the camera and the software is what mostly determines how well the picture will result in.

  • Snige

    Who cares about 5mp or 8mp. 5mp is so clear it’s almost perfect. It’s the digital zoom that apple should be working on. Currently it’s too pixelated.

    • QuarterSwede

      That’s because digital zoom is just live cropping.

  • ForTheLoveofPete

    I honestly see little redeeming value in taking such high resolution photos personally. The file sizes are HUGE, the pictures are too big…. By that I mean the vast majority of consumers want to see the full picture on their device or computer monitor….. Unless your looking to count the number of zits or freckles on someones face, In my opinion… then such a camera is a waste.

  • Daniel

    Great! More megapixels mean better digital zoom (where the processor zooms the picture) because the pictures won’t get as blurry when you zoom in. The iPhone really needs optical zoom though, because theres just no replacement for the clarity of optical zoom (thats where the lens zooms the picture)

  • Daniel

    I think 10 MP would be better, but anything over 3MP is above-average so I don’t think Apple will.

  • Daniel

    Also, the iPod touch 5G better have at least a 5mp camera or I’m going to have a fit. I hope the iPod touch 5G has a 8MP or more, but anything under 5MP is unacceptable. I’ll find another device that has a better camera (maybe an iPhone 4 with no service, or some Android thing without service)

    • AMB

      If the ipad2 is any indication, I don’t see a good camera on the itouch anytime soon, apple always needs to make sure that the iPhone is the alpha product.

      At best in maybe 2 generations we’ll see an itouch camera that can take pictures in 3 mp. Currently the lens doesn’t even give you a single mp, the pictures are video stills

      • dfgbhfdv

        Actually, the iPod Touch and iPad have sucky cameras because Apple wants them as thin as possible, but the more MP you need, the fatter the camera. Haven’t you seen the Evo, the camera area is on a big bump.

  • Dooley

    Having a huge MP camera only really matters when your blowing an image up

  • wow! nice to hear this.. first of all we all desired to not only to playback video in full HD, but also want to export the Video in Mobile Development.. now the time has come.. new featured iOS 5 allows video to be exported in 1920×1080 resolution, or full HD earlier programmers were only able to export video content in 720p only….great:-)

  • Ben

    It’s not all about megapixels. Don’t be fooled by this. It’s about the quality of the camera and the lens that makes the difference. Also digital zoom is rubbish. It’s all about optical zoom. Anyway if it’s going to be recording in 1080p, than Apple seriously need to increase the memory sizes of the devices.

    • Ya well Said……..Thank U for this