If you’ve been looking for a more elegant way to mark your email in Apple’s Mail app, iOS 5 may have what you’re looking for. In iOS 5, you now have the ability to “Flag” messages in the Mail app as important. The flags can be used to access certain emails for quick reference, or show you what messages are the most important to you.

This new flagging feature is basically just like marking emails as important in Gmail. If you are a heavy user of the Mail app, you’ll probably appreciate this addition in iOS 5.

  • So when you are using Mail to access a Gmail account, will flagging an email make the email starred in Gmail?

    • No, it marks it as “important”. It does not star is

      • That’s a major bummer. It would be nice if I could use Mail with Gmail to star things, and assign email to labels. I guess I’ll have to continue using the Gmail web app.

  • Delete

    But can you now mark more than one at a time as read?

    • BLiNK

      just checked and YES you can! awesome!

    • Actually, I just found out you can 🙂

      • Delete

        Good to hear.

  • BLiNK

    haha! new blog time??

  • Rman

    Does flagging an email on the iPhone also flag the email in Outlook if you are you using Exchange 2003/2007?

    • I don’t know. We don’t really use windows around here :p

    • BLiNK

      just checked on my exchange email account via device and, for me, the only option was to Mark Unread, No Flagging options. weird. maybe this will change with future builds

    • Just checked and yes, flagging and email from iOS5 does also mark it as flagged on outlook when using Exchange. Tested on Outlook 2011 for Mac.

  • So many nice improvements in iOS 5. Can’t wait to upgrade in November.

    • BLiNK

      why wait? pay for a slot n00b!

      • Im on an unlocked 3GS so I can’t restore to try iOS 5 betas. I am upgrading in November to whatever new iPhone is out.

  • Meh. All I have to say. I use Gmail’s stars heavily, and if this doesn’t integrate with that, it’s a no-go. On a related note, does anyone know of an app that plays nice with super stars?

  • Sean

    Really disappointed if the Flag option does not sync with Exchange Flags. I’m a heavy user of Flags in Outlook 2010 as I get 100’s of emails daily each with various importance levels. At present when I read a mail my iPhone 4 if it’s important I have to mark it unread to remin me to follow it up the following day at work. Please Apple, integrate Mail Flags with Exchange server!!

  • ndhaze

    @sean: i’m using exchange 2010. It does fully sync with the server. It’s one of my main reason to go with ios5 beta now, not wait for official one.

  • Kevin Cooley

    Is there any way to filter so that only flagged messages are shown? What’s the point of flagging something if its going to be buried in my inbox somewhere?

  • Surreyfox

    Appreciate that this is an old threasd but thought I’d post nyway…Add Google as the Domain in your Exchange mail settings and you can then flag messages