The latest iTunes (version 10.3) just shipped a couple days ago but it appears some users were encountering the “unknown error (-50)” when trying to sync their device. Even though there seemed to be some workarounds around that, it was clear that iTunes itself was the cause of the problem.

Today, Apple shipped iTunes 10.3.1 which apparently fixes this issue. If you were having syncing issues with iTunes 10.3, make sure to hit the “Check for Updates” option in iTunes to download the latest version…

This version also allows you to use Automatic Downloads with apps and books or download previously purchased apps and books from your computer or iOS device.

Let us know if you’re still encountering issues after updating iTunes.

  • Chazz

    is it jb safe?

    • Yes, it is jailbreak safe

      • Chazz

        thx 4 the quick reply!

  • Yepper, this update fixes that -50 syncing error that I kept getting yesterday. Works perfectly now. I wonder which phones these errors affected?

  • Yeah, my jb iPhone 3GS is fine with it. But the errors are gone now, thankfully.

  • Nice! I thought it was my iPhone 3Gs that was messed up.

  • Joseph M.

    I tried updating iTunes last night but it said I had the latest version, 10.2.2. iPhone 3GS.

    • Rckrmoo

      I have the same problem but I went to apple and it does’nt have the download link for iTunes.

  • Will this help me solve my iTunes problem? doesn’t matter, I will try anyway. 😀

  • Joey

    I downloaded 10.3 when it was available and tried out the new Automatic Downloads feature.
    When I downloaded an app on my computer it was pushed to my iPhone.
    But when I downloaded an app on my iPhone, it was not pushed to the computer.
    Does iTunes 10.3.1 fix this?
    (Yes, I did enable Automatic Downloads in the iTunes preferences.)

  • STK10

    I havent even got an upgrade option yet in itunes and when i do check for updates it tells me 10.2.2 is current… so i go to the apple site and there it is, 10.3, but the download section wont load up.

    anyway i just googled it and downloaded so no biggy but wtf!

    Is there a way to force the update?

  • Campanella

    I can’t do it.
    It says to close the installer, but when I do that, the download stops.

  • Grande

    After I downloaded Itunes 10.3.1 I cannot sync my iphone. I have the 3GS and Itunes is saying that it cannot read the contents of the phone and to go to summary and restore.

  • toya

    I have a Iphone 3g and it will not restore!! It starts up the restore but then says that it cannot and says error 1015. Iphone is jailbroken and I have tried to hold down the power button and home button at the same time, but the only thing that happens when it turns on is the screen has the usb on the screen and says Itunes.. Can any help me plz!