Yet another of the 200+ new features in iOS 5. This one is hardly noticeable and won’t be life changing, but it’s still interesting to see how Apple is continually improving every app.

This new feature can be spotted in Apple’s stock weather application. When double tapping on the screen, it now brings a break down hour by hour of the weather and temperature in the selected city…

Again, not a life changing feature, but a nice little addition.

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  • c0edx

    “Again, not a life changing feature, but a nice little addition.” LMAO I love that last quote.

    • moi

      I dont know why this would make anyone laugh their ass off…
      either you forgot your meds, or you’re some overstimulated, overexcited, hopped-up-on-tech-blogs, ADD kid who wants people’s attention
      LMAO, just sayin

  • johnny appleseed

    Actually this is a good addition…I have to use The Weather Channel app to get the hourly like this…as a biker it helps me to glance at this type of hourly layout to know when I can beat the rain throughout the day. I’m sure runners and anyone who does outdoor activity will appreciate this one.

  • Larz

    This is THE feature that keeps me using a 3rd party weather app. It’s a welcome addition to the stock app.

  • Gdraft

    A nice addition. It would be nice if Yahoo powered weather was at all accurate though. It’s always been rubbish. Shame you can’t choose who provides the forecasts.