No more workarounds needed to enjoy Emoji icons on your iPhone with iOS 5. This feature is now completely integrated in Apple’s latest OS and can be activated in just a few simple steps.

To activate Emoji in iOS 5, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji. Once turned on, you can easily switch between your primary keyboard and the Emoji keyboard by hitting the “globe” icon on your keyboard…

Remember that Emoji are not cross platform. If you send them to someone, make sure they run iOS or else, they will see weird little error icons.

  • Angelo

    I think it was pointless to hide these Emojis on the devices.
    So this is a step in the “logical” direction. Some times Apple is harder to understand then some women.

    • Hakan

      well if you know women, you know apple
      and apple just need brains, use yours by women haahah just kdding

  • MKD


  • Aleksander Azizi

    nice, it was allways on the device, but now, it is actually activated ! ;P

  • Kat

    I think Apple is trying to get rid of jailbreak

    • Tmwfym

      I’ll take apple getting rid of jailbreaking by incoperaring all of what we jailbreak for.

      • Angelo

        For that is a hard way to go. Its even a reason to jailbreak for me when its not allowed to have unlimited apps in folders. Which person in world would want 4 different game folders? (There far to many genres to sort it that way) Also is so much cool stuff not integrated, like 5 icon dock, sbsettings, winterboard. etc.

        I think hell well froze when jailbreak isn´t necessary anymore.

  • XtrlRulz

    I agree with you guys….

  • mplsboywonder

    As long as there is no QuickReply in SMS people will always jailbreak for BiteSMS. No matter what……..

    • Yup I’ll testify to that one lol

    • SpideyRules


    • Lynda

      I agree – need to have quick reply. hopefully Apple will incorporate. I’ll still neeed to JB though for so many other apps Apple has not yet pilferred from

  • DAS

    I jailbreak for all the freedom it offers. Just to know that I can use my iPhone to it’s fullest potential and that I can install new features every day. I don’t think I could tolerate the “jailed” feeling of a stock iOS where I can’t even download a word doc to iFile for later. With jailbreaking, if you can think it, it’s likely possible and we don’t have to wait months for new features!

  • Dadditude

    Don’t count on this being the case when iOS 5 is released. It has been this way in betas for as far back as I can remember (4.0 beta was the first I had hands-on access to IIRC), but it always seems to get pulled before the final iOS release (at least in the past). Might stay in, but I doubt it.

  • Jacksparrow

    I read If you jailbreak your iPhone there is a cydia app name installous or app cakes that will let you install any app that usually requires payment for free. If this is true then I believe those saying that jailbreak is dead is missing something rather obvious that cannot be duplicated by apple.

    • Micke

      But that is highly illegal and frowned upon. If you can not pay the fee to use the iPhone like you want, don’t buy it in the first place. Easy as that.

      • 877

        No, I can pay the fees but just plain don’t want too. Installous rules yeah!!! Lol

  • Eduardo

    WTF? emoji has been around for years, no need to JB, just install the app. Pointless post.

    • SpideyRules

      Because now there’s no need to install an app genius…

    • Beb

      Emoji has been around for years, no need to JB, just install the app. YUP AGREE!!!!! WHY HAVE TO WAIT until iOS5 come out? LOL!!!

  • UnlosingRanger

    i still liked the japanese text emoji though, install japanese language and they have custom emojis nicely placed over there, and are most probly cross platform since they are text… yeah..

  • Bikerdan

    For those having a problem with other iPhone users being able to see messages with emoji icons in them, there seems to be a problem with sending emoji from iOS5 to earlier iOS versions. When sending between iOS5 devices it works fine.

  • SteveBob

    this is not new right now i am running 4.3.4 and have this enabled and have had it enabled since 4.3.1

  • Kevin

    You guys are missing the point: What’s new is that they are available by default in iOS 5 without needing an app to unlock it.

    HOWEVER…. in iOS 5 beta it’s technically a different character set than what iOS 4 (older) uses. Older iOS devices can’t display the iOS 5 emoji as that character set isn’t present (visually the two character sets are identical). Hope this issue is corrected in the final iOS 5 release but it doesn’t look like it.

    • Chris C.

      Ya, first thing i noticed was the “sparkly pink heart” was replaced by what looks like a “wifi enabled heart”. I noticed a few other changed (visually at least) emoji and a few new ones as well.

      Very interesting.

  • Britt

    The thing that I don’t like is before ios5 if an Android user had handcent sms they could use Emoji’s with you now they can’t and that sucks !!!!

  • Max

    Agree, does anyone know a work around so android phones see your emoji’s??

  • Star

    Can anyone tell me why I’m unable to see emoji’s sent to my i4 phone from the new i5 phone? Other i4 phone users are able to see them, but not me on my phone. I have no problems seeing them from anyone else. All the emoji’s come across as a simple black square. :((

  • Star

    Can anyone tell me why I’m unable to see emoji’s sent to my i4 phone from the new i5 phone? Other i4 phone users are able to see them, but not me. I have no problems seeing them from anyone else. All the emoji’s come across as a simple black square. :((

  • babyJ

    i’ve got the same problem! my android friends are not able to see my emoji’s…any ways to solve this guys?

  • milepan

    this is from buggy iOs5 upgrade, I hate it.

  • iTouchMySelf

    I enable emoji on my iphone4 running ios5. Now when I try using it. I get a error message says “bad parameters”. Any suggestions? Thank You

  • Felix

    Some of you guys… Who are October 18th and can’t friggin read the post that explains that the emoji keys in ios 5 have different layouts and character sets that in ios 4… Are idiots, the rest. Thank you for the explanation, I’ve been boggled for the part 4-9 days about this and now I have my answer

  • Stresshead

    I cant send the emoji Icons on sms but can on Whatsapp to my husband iphone. On SMS he see squares. 🙁
    This has happened since I updated the software on my iphone to IOS 5. He has the old software version and his phone is jailbroken. I can see the emoji icons that he sends me fine on sms and on Whatsapp.

    Can someone pleaseeee tell me in simple words what can be done without my husband upgrading his jailbroken iphone to the latest software.

    Much appreciated Peeps!!

  • Star

    So I found out the only way to see the emoji (and not just squares or errors) is by updating the iPhone on iTunes. It’s been quite frustrating, but was thrilled to find out all I had to do was update online.
    Call me lame but what does jailbreak mean??

  • Why won’t it integrate w ALL phones??? What, does everyone have an iPhone now? More like just the opposite, slowly but for sure….