We’ve all gotten used to Verizon arriving late to the party, and despite finally handing over the iPhone in February, Apple is still finding ways in which it can keep Verizon’s customers waiting. Next up is iCloud, which doesn’t play nicely with the CDMA iPhone built for the Verizon network.

During his announcement at WWDC yesterday, Steve Jobs said that some iCloud features were now in beta, including the ability to sync content among your devices, and download previous purchases. However, in order to enjoy these features, you need iOS 4.3.3 – a release not currently available for the Verizon iPhone…

At the bottom of the new iCloud page on Apple’s website, the small print states:

Some music features of iCloud are available in beta now in the U.S. only and requires iOS 4.3.1 on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (GSM model), iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation), iPad, or iPad 2, or a Mac or PC with iTunes 10.3.

No one really knows why the Verizon iPhone lags behind the AT&T version when it comes to iOS updates. As CNET notes, the two devices are virtually the same except one runs on CDMA networks whereas the other runs on GSM. Both feature Qualcomm chipsets, yet one – the Verizon one – seems to be continually left out in the cold when Apple is handing out software updates.

So, unfortunately for those of you on Verizon, unless you have access to the iOS 5 beta, you’re stuck without iCloud features for the time being. We will of course let you know when a compatible iOS release is available, but for the time being, how do you feel about not getting these features?

  • C.W. Merritt

    I’m a VZW IPHONE 4 user and this news certainly SUCKS to be me.I love my IPHONE 4 and I love VZW coverage in S E Va. I bet this lag time has to do with Apple & VZW contracts.

  • Probably because Verizon isn’t paying them enough. So Apple is punishing them with later releases.

  • Joel

    It works with iOS 5 on my Verizon iPhone.

    • You already have it installed? & does it work smoothly?

      • Joel

        Yes everything works smooth. It also depends on apps that you use. Apps like iMovie and Netflix don’t fully work yet, but all my day to days work fine.

    • MrE

      Exactly! I have 5.0 installed on my Verizon iPhone too and it works. The title of this article is misleading.

  • It is smooth enough on VZW iPhone 4, running iOS 5. Some hiccups like crashing apps should be expected.

  • Scott

    Why is this a surprise to anyone? Vzw has always been the slowest with updates, it was the same with the blackberry platform: the whole plane would be updated first. One of the many reasons I left for AT&T.

    • Al

      Bad move Scott, AT&T sucks!!! I left at&t for Verizon and so far it’s the best decision I have made this year. Better network, and unlimited data too, can’t go wrong there.