After the unveiling of iOS 5 by Apple at WWDC, we’re trying to process all of the information that has been announced about Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud.

One of the cool new features in iOS 5 is OTA (over-the-air) firmware updates delivered straight to an iDevice. Instead of having to connect your iPhone to iTunes, an update to iOS will be pushed to your iPhone automatically by Apple.

While that concept sounds great, it doesn’t sound like a good thing for jailbreakers. As it turns out, OTA iOS updates shouldn’t un-jailbreak the iPhone…

A prominent member of the Dev Team, MuscleNerd, recently tweeted about this issue.

If Geohot’s untethered ‘iBoot’ exploit (or similar) is still left unpatched in iOS 5, a jailbreak should survive delta (intermittent) firmware updates to an iDevice. A jailbreak should theoretically only be lost if a full firmware upgrade takes place.

So, if OTA firmware updates take place in bits and pieces, instead of full-fledged iOS overhauls, jailbreakers should be safe. A good jailbreak would be able to just ignore these OTA updates from Apple as well.

The iOS 5 beta is out in the wild for developers and the lucky few, and there is of course no current jailbreak solution. I’m sure someone from team iPhone Dev and/or Chronic is working on an exploit as we speak.

How do you think iOS 5 will affect jailbreakers? These OTA updates could prove to be a huge pain.

  • Iconic

    The only thing that would kill the JB is apple adopting and integrating it’s best stuff into their native OS…

  • Dodgerdeezy

    I’m sure it will be fine. Jailbreaks will always be available no matter how much apple tries to stop it. They should welcome it because without jailbreakers apple would have nothing new in ios5. They are all jailbreak tweaks implemented in the iOS because obviously apple sees what people want. I wouldn’t be surprised if it became easier and easier to jailbreak as the “benefits” of not jailbreaking equal out to benefits of jailbreaking.

  • Piss0nDroid

    There is a tethered according to muscle nerd

  • Andy

    How is SBsettings gonna work with the new notification system?

    • Aleksander Azizi

      I think it needs an update, but still, you swipe to the right… Not down.. 😉

    • Brian

      Easier, notification pane is called with a pull down gesture, from any app, sbsettings can be configured to other swipe directions, and now we’ll be able to access it without having a visible status bar, think of the new possibilities 😉

    • Brian

      Simple, the notification pane is called by a top pull down from anywhere, SBSettings can be configured to work with other direction swipes, but now we’ll be able to call SBSettings without a visible status bar, think of the possibilities 😉

      • Ryan

        what if they implemented SBSettings into the new notification system, sorta like that stock ticker, just have the switches like a mini dock in it.

  • Piss0nDroid

    It swipe status side ways not down change activation method

  • scottilmnc

    apple needs the jailbreak community. we’re the guinea pigs. we test everything out to see what works and doesn’t. Look at all the “tweaks” they’ve included in ios5. we’ve been doing these things for years on ios4. i think jobs is secretly in love with saurik.

    • iamLuqman

      I think so too. Lol

  • Brian

    damn, double post :/ how do you delete???

  • Bleeblah

    Does IOS 5 have swipes and gestures like JB activator? Swipes to open apps

  • here are settings for auto updates

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      It’s “Auto Downloads” but not “Auto Updates” aka “OTA Updates” 🙂

  • Art VanDelay

    Seems like the JB community is like the Minor Leagues in Baseball. Perform well in the minors, and get called up to the big league.

  • Ibrahim Sait

    What happens when the ota update upgrades your baseband ???
    Still not safe for jailbreakers..

    • daniel

      Unlock != jailbreak. And seriously, just use AT&T or Verizon or get an iPod touch and a MiFi.