Since Apple dropped the first beta release of iOS 5 yesterday, those of us with access to the firmware have been keen to play around with it and discover those “200 new features” that weren’t quite big enough to get a mention at the WWDC keynote yesterday.

In addition to customizable keyboard shortcuts, one feature you may not have noticed is the ‘Private Browsing’ mode within mobile Safari…

Just like many of the third-party web browsers available on the App Store, Safari on our iOS devices will now allow us to browse the web undetected, leaving no trace of our online activity to be discovered by prying eyes. In private browsing mode you can visit all of your “favorite” websites without anyone knowing.

The feature is located within Safari’s settings menu, under the ‘Privacy’ heading. Once activated, your Safari browser switches from its traditional cool blue color to black, so that you know you’re safe.

With private browsing mode, reader, tabs, and reading list, is there a reason to use third-party browsers after iOS 5?

  • fojam

    looks like covert in cydia, except annoying because you have to go to settings to turn it on and off

    • Angelo

      Thats a case for SBsettings.
      SBsettings is obviously the one thing that needs so hardly to be integrated in official firmware!

      • Kuipo


  • Burge

    Y. O. Y. would we need this….oh yes porn….

    • fojam

      exactly what i was thinking

    • Night

      Is there another reason for this feature to exist?

      • Miles

        I use private browsing on the desktop for testing all the time — I keep myself logged in in normal mode, and get either a logged out experience, or different user in private mode.

  • Burge

    You can just see steve jobs on that stage now …we’ve reinvented iOS again …it’s got all this and that….oh yes you can now look at porn and not get court…… did the dev of this make the approach to the rest if the iOS team…must of been a few giggles….

  • Andrew

    I wish they would implement the ability to change the browser identity to any desktop browser, for those pesky mobile sites that don’t cut it. Then I would no longer need a third party browser. Tabs + browser ID are my top two for 3rd party browsers.

  • vik071

    “Porn mode” is still better implemented thru “Covert” tweak from Cydia.

  • Burge

    It should be called… porn mode

  • ahmed al-khuzae

    so through this can i access blocked sites in my country ??

    or is this like the mode in google chrome , that just deletes history and hides ur info ?

  • how can I download the ios 5 and put it in my 3gs ?? And what if you are a dev then how do you do it ?? Like if you make a dev account ?

    • Me

      You have to pay your $99 a year to Apple to be an iOS dev and then you can just download it off their iOS dev site, and install it via xCode.

      • Me

        Oh one last point, to install it you need xCode, and to have xCode you’ll need a mac (and if you want to code on your newly updated iOS device then you’ll need the latest version of xCode off the dev website) so if you want iOS 5 and you dont have a mac then you’re going to be spending a lot of money (or you cools just wait a few months)

    • Me

      Oh, almost forgot, you’ll need to download the dev beta of iTunes as well (that’s not the 10.3 public beta, but the 10.5 private dev beta). Oh and do a backup of your device first (unless you want don’t want to keep your settings and apps and music and stuff)

  • Max

    I will always use this, just because of the theme!! (I had one like that I made myself, it breaks with all new firmweres and fixing it is a chore….)