Just like that, in less than 24 hours, iOS 5 has already been jailbroken. Dev Team frontman MuscleNerd posted photos of an iPod Touch 4G sporting the Cydia and iSSH icons. So far this is only a tethered jailbreak, which requires to be plugged in the computer at every reboot.

This jailbreak is not surprising in any ways because it is using the same bootrom exploit it’s been using since iOS 4.X. Apple can only patch this bootrom exploit with a hardware update…

What does that mean? Simply put, it means that we’ll likely be able to jailbreak the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G forever, however, new devices like the iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch 5G will most likely patch the bootrom exploit with hardware changes.

Now someone needs to come up with an exploit that would allow you to run this iOS 5 jailbreak untethered. It’s probably only a matter of time.


  • jesse

    why bother? it’s just a beta, apple is going to fix all of the exploits and bugs anyways by the final release. :p

    • Michael

      Do you read what it says? They can’t fix it without an update tot he hardware so any current device using the ios will still be jailbreakable.

    • Can you read? It’s taking advantage of an exploit that apple can’t patch.

      Its important to get jailbreaks done in beta so when it is released your favorite jailbreak tweaks and apps will be compatible. Instead of waiting forever for a jailbreak and then forever for everything to be updated.

      BiteSMS and SBsettings are the only two I really need

      • I thought Sebastien told you to stop using his name in your comments.

    • Usersean

      It’s the bootrom exploit geohot used for limera1n… The ONLY way they can patch that is with a new device. ie: the iPhone 5.

    • Easy

      take it easy folks, yes apple can fix such exploit with a software even if the exploit is found on hardware, and untethered JB is definitely a software thing. Apple won’t fix those exploits until the final release if they want to, they don’t want to give much time for JBers to start their hacking skills from now.

      • You’re Dumb

        You’re dumb

      • kokhean


      • Easy

        Is that all what you can say??? prove me wrong scientifically mr. ignorant, or are you just like your name “You’re Dumb”

      • c0edx

        They can only patch untethered exploits. I don’t think the Dev team will put one out until the actual iOS 5 comes out.

      • Juan

        You are completely wrong. If your claim were even remotely true, Apple would have patched this bootrom exploint with 4.0.1. Before you open go on a board acting like you know everything, research.

      • Ernesto Castellanos

        Nope… The exploit Geohot found is permanent. (for current devices only). I found the same exploit on my iPhone when I was looking for an exploit.

  • Donahue

    Omg I can’t wait till it’s untethered!!!..y’all are soo awesome..unbelievably awesome..haha

  • ads74

    Thats great!!! But where is the JB for Ipad 2 its been months now. Say it months from now not weeks

    • Ernesto Castellanos

      Patience, the exploit found on the iPt4 and iP4 where not obscure at all. that’s why it was hard to find it. It was looking at us the whole time. They’re still working on the iPad2

      • ads74

        Your right patience is a virtue

      • dfgbhfdv

        You probably don’t know anything about jailbreak exploits . You are obviously pretending you know this stuff. Why don’t you make and finish a good untethered jailbreak then come back here?

  • Funked

    I’m excited for the final version of iOS 5 to be released to us non-developers 🙂 though to be honest, i’d rather have a 4.x jb for iPad 2 right now, rather than an untethered iOS 5 jb once it’s out. My iPad 2 isn’t being used to it’s full potential while not jailbroken 🙁

  • Morgan

    I don’t know about the timeline, but I suspect the iPad got a hardware update that patched the exploit used to JB other devices. An iPad JB, when it comes, may be good on future new hardware.

    • Juan

      That’s correct. iPad uses the A4 chip, iPad 2 the A5. Hence, exploit patched.

  • sOleFresh

    wow, big thumbs up!!

  • chino5738

    You guys are the best,and I know that even if apple fixes this problem,you guys will still be able to jailbreak. My money is on you guys all the time

  • kreso2105

    From i0n1c: “If the history of iOS repeats Apple will leave the untether exploit open until Beta 2/3”
    I hope he isn’t right. We all wait for untethered jailbreak for iOS 5…

    • daniel

      i0n1c is just a troll.

      • dfgbhfdv

        No he’s not. he made the all the 4.3.x jailbreaks you probably use right now.

  • Mripod64

    (squeak of joy) 😀 can’t wait!

    • why does the QR Code as your avatar say

      i love you

  • Jason

    amazing- way to go!

  • Y’all should know that people don’t come to blogs to read. Bwahhhhaaa

  • drublic

    what about Gevey Sim unlock with iOS 5? will it work? any one knows?

  • Irha

    “Apple can only patch this bootrom exploit with a hardware update…”, yet after a few days you would report some stupid news about why some dev decided not to release their jailbreak because it would give unfairly advantage to Apple in plugging it in, weird!

    • kokhean

      The exploit was already released. Period.

      • Irha

        This fiasco happened a few months back *after* the exploit has been already available for months. I am just teasing Sebastian about the conflicting news he reported at that time.

  • fojam


  • c0edx

    iOS 5 is basically a jailbroken iOS. All you’re missing is themes. For what iOS 5 has to offer, I really don’t need to be jailbroken. It looks great and feels great.

    • Vince

      Much more missing like 3G unrestrictor sb settings and tethering programs for those brave enough to still use them. Also I lke to change my text tones from the apple stock choices and I’m sure I am still missing much more

      • Juan

        these are the exact reason I will still jailbreak. mostly for custom sounds, 3G unrestriction, MyWi, SBSettings, ScreenDimmer and BrowserChanger. I hate safari and I prefer setting my default browser to something else.

  • XepptizZ

    Not to mention to get rid of those icons you never use anyways, but mostly for the delicious little tweaks like lastapp, actionmenu and various others.

  • daniel

    @easy Dude, you can’t write to a bootrom, ROM means Read-Only Memory, so theres no way to fix it with software. All A4 devices will always be jailbreakable forever.

  • So fast