iOS 5 continues to amaze us. The amount of customization that now exists at the system level almost rivals what a jailbroken iPhone can do.

Thanks to the shiny new Notification Center, you can customize the way incoming push notifications look in iOS 5. You can customize how many notifications display on your lockscreen, and you can even toggle the lockscreen view on and off

The three different Alert Styles allow to change the way that incoming push notifications display on your iPhone. You can have the new Banner view (that looks a lot like MobileNotifier), or the classic push view. You can also turn off Alert Styles entirely.

Overall, Apple is taking a much more thorough approach to settings and customization in iOS 5. And if you ask me, someone at Cupertino has been using a lot of jailbreak tweaks.


  • Wes

    Unrelated to this post, but can you have more than 12 items in an iOS 5 folder?!?!

    • Troll

      With a jailbroken phone you can 😉

    • Jon Garrett

      If not, I’m sure you’ll be able to accomplish that with the already existing Cydia apps such as Folder Enhancer.

    • Nope, still the 12 icon limitation

      • Wes

        Alas, I still have reason to jailbreak…

  • Andy

    All these features make me wanna update to the beta. What do you guys suggest? I don’t mind being non-jailbroken

    • fojam

      dont yet… lot of bugs

  • I Am Hundred Percent In Agreement With The Author’s View. They Are Using The Tweaks To Their Advantage. And Jailbreak Community Will Suffer.

    • Zach Wallenta

      That’s the whole point of this update they are trying to eliminate the jailbreak community by putting it in there but I do know that there will be better folders

      • Kuipo

        Jb will still rule. I’m pretty sure that even with all this new tweaks and features there will always be something missing. And that’s why we have cydia.

  • Paul

    Yaawns .. I need to quit all apps by double tapping status bar , turn on and off wifi and bluetooth fast(sbsettingS), password protect my apps, action menu, silent charge, swipe music controls while displays off( misic control pro). And laughed at iPhones without jailbreak. IOS 5 looks good but nothibg new that my iPhone 4 can’t already do now while being jailbroken

  • Wes

    Other than SBSettings and FolderEnhancer, iOS 5 looks perfect for me. Hoping that they allow more than 12 items.

  • Ben

    Can you do quick reply with Text Messages like bitesms

    • No

      • Ben

        That’s kind of rubbish that you have notifications but can’t do quick replies

    • mplsboywonder

      Looks like we will still have to Jailbreak for BiteSMS alone:)

  • Delete

    So where do you change colors and font sizes? How do you get rid of the linen textured background?

  • Painman

    Where’s the RemoveBackground App? Or the Safari Download Manager or MXTube? C’mon, this is nothing like a JB iPhone it’s just a better starting place that iOS4

  • Iceburg

    What about custom notification sounds??

  • KingDJ

    Awsome might just not need to jailbreak anymore 🙂 but still love those themes over speed

  • Robert

    I sent this pic in :0

  • Robert

    I sent this pic in 🙂

  • James

    Any missed call/voicemail audible reminders?

  • Will bitesms still work on IOS 5?

  • I just to ask, do we have something like toneFX’s at iOS 5 where we can make custom tones for all push notification?

  • Kyle

    Are you able to choose which apps get which type of notifications? For example, text messages, mail and missed calls get banners while breaking news and calendar alerts get the classic alert style?


    When will you all realize that apple loves the jailbreak community. We are a research and development team that works for free. From customizing our springboard, to lockinfo, hell even the idea of running applications on our phones came from the collective jailbreak community. Not to say that apple wouldn’t have done a lot of this on their own, but the jailbreak community constantly pushing the digital envelop of what our iDevices can do has made this evolution a much quicker progression. Apple needs the jailbreak community. iOS 5 is just proof that they’re listening.