A secret banner was spotted at WWDC this morning by Greg Kumparak of TechCrunch. What could be hiding behind this banner? A new logo for iOS? Or maybe some new hardware to go along with the new iOS 5?

Ok, to be honest, I think there will be a new iPhone today. Let my imagination go wild here for a bit. I think the new iPhone is going to look exactly like the iPhone 4, with obviously more power under the hood. I think Steve Jobs is going to make his presentation using this new iPhone 5, and at the end of the keynote, he’s going to say: “one more thing, you’ve watched me do this whole presentation on our new iPhone 5″…

You think I’m crazy? I think it wouldn’t be surprising. And I believe that following last year’s iPhone 4 debacle with Gizmodo, Apple went out of its way to make sure the iPhone 5 was a complete secret, which would be why we didn’t hear the usual reports about Apple ordering parts and what not.

Now let me take this tinfoil hat off my head.

What do you think?

  • van

    hmm. very secretive banner.. me hopes ur right..

  • Or it’s a picture of the dead Steve Jobs 😉

  • What are the green shirts for?

    • THey’re Apple employees

      • ME

        Maybe in 3 years they would be wearing shits that made them transparent. (With an invisible Apple logo on them)

      • You mean shirts not sh*ts

  • ME

    I think that the exact time and date of the end of the world is on that banner. (As forcasted by Apple and the iPhone 5)

  • iKing

    Ur crazy man just crazy lol

    • last time you guys called me crazy, that’s when I said Apple was hiring jailbreak developers. A week later, turned out I was right 😉

      • PT

        I already told you, it will be iPhone 4S, with some some hardware upgrade, performance, camera, and some bugs correction.

  • Killian Bell

    I hope you’re right, Seb!

  • Juan

    so you really think apple was able to keep the iPhone 5 a secret? hmm, from my experience, new phones always leaked. Why not this one?

    Me thinks no new phone. I’d like the new phone

  • Andy

    It actually says “Death to Jailbreakers”. This year’s WWDC is actually a trap. There are so many jailbreakers at the front of the line because they were cordially invited by Steve Jobs himself, and now they will be trapped there forever. lol

    • ME

      If they have the OtterBox Defender they could use it to break a wall o dig their way out of there.

      • Andy

        Well, then they’d have to get past the Genius Bar holding iPad’s with chainsaw apps.

      • ME

        Yea and the shotgun app could be a potential hazard

  • Rainrose

    New iPhone?

    • ME

      iPhone Nano

      • gab

        there is no such thing

      • ME

        Really? Is the iPhone Shuffle also nonexistent? Or the iPhone Classic?

  • ME

    Or it could be just blank

  • Franco

    iPhone being usable with T-Mobile. =]

  • Lynda

    Hope your right Seb!!!

  • Jason Mason

    It’s the iPad 3 announcement in the banner, your welcome.

  • Lucas K.

    iPhone 4S. I don’t see them barely upgrading the 4 and calling it a 5, but it kinda sucks there won’t be an “iPhone 5” if they name it 4S since well that wouldn’t make sense being as the next version would be the 6th gen. Maybe next year it’ll be the 4G?

  • tsiv

    I’m glad Greg Kumparak of TechCrunch went by there cause nobody else had spotted the secret banner. Thanks Greg! Show us more secret stuff soon! (trolling!)

  • Sooooo what’s behind the banner??

  • ME

    Somebody should make a facebook page for the banner and see how many people become fans