We’ve got another short video interview with the creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman, at WWDC. In this quick Q&A, saurik talks about what he thinks iOS 5 will mean for jailbreakers, and how the jailbreak community fits into Apple’s decisions.


The keynote is live right now! More to come as news develops.


  • Jason Mason

    Person making the video STILL pronounced it wrong…CYDEEE-YAH

    • Hey what’s with the name rip jason mason???
      Cmon man be original don’t die a copy!

  • Lol did anyone notice the golf trolly or what ever it was falling over
    Looks like a prototype of something as the nerds run to it when it fell lol

  • Weebsurfer

    Hah! That was the iPad telepresence that fell over. I thought I saw Saurik in the background of their vid. 🙂