We just can’t seem to control ourselves. More and more screenshots of iOS 5 keep coming in, and we thought this one was worth sharing.

We’ve already heard plenty about how iCloud will be heavily integrated into iOS 5, and specifically with iTunes. In the iOS 5 iPod app, purchased songs are available for download from the iCloud servers.

More screenshots after the break!

This whole process looks exactly like what was made available in the App Store app today. Tap the little iCloud icon to download content that’s not currently on your device, and boom. There you have it.

If you’d like to see a little more of the new iPod, or “Music” app (with its ugly icon) in iOS 5, check out this sweet video walkthrough by This is my next:

Pretty cool, huh?

  • Android ruleZ.

    Im loving iOS 5! Even though they ripped off ideas, it’s nice seeing the jailbreak community influence official firmwares.

  • Jason

    not diggin the icon either.. but whatever.

  • Wish so bad I could just stream it instead of having to download it each time

  • Larz

    This is available to all 4.2.x + devices now. Take a look in your iTunes app. I’ve already taken advantage of re-downloading old purchases without paying again.

    • William

      it’s a little weird that iTunes behaves differently than the AppStore.
      I rarely buy songs from iTunes, but I downloaded all the “Free Singles of the week” from iTunes weekly. Here’s the strange part, free songs I downloaded do not show up in the purchase history, only the ones I bought for the $$ do.

  • Larz

    That should’ve read 4.THREE.x oops. I think it requires iOS 4.3.1+

  • Kristopher

    But not in Canada 🙁

  • Damn still on 4.1 oh well I’ll wait till the 5.0 jailbreak and walaa presto shazam abracadabra

  • What’s up with the Mormon vid? Lol

  • aR!ff

    hi in this video ( 2:01 ) i saw cydia icon ?

  • Wi77

    please someone post pictures of the new (revamped?) calendar functions on the iphone….
    (year view -> ipad vs. week view -> iphone???)

    anything else -> like more colors?

    also (because we’re now in the post pc era) am I now able to make calenders/color groups on the go?

    AND can I also manage my contact groups on the go? (i.e. making new contact groups and moving contacts within different groups?)

    these are some feature I still miss in iOS 4…..

    anyone knows? or has pics of it in iOS 5?

  • Dooley

    What’s going to happen when people start hitting their usage allowance with all this cloud based action?

  • @p4ul_k

    That difinitely looks like a Cydia app to me in the bottom right-hand corner of his SB. How’s that work if he’s claiming to be running iOS 5?

  • that’s not the music app, that is iTunes

  • and btw that guy is using 4.3 in the video, these features are on your current 4.3 devices…

  • here are your icloud settings

    photo stream

  • Bill

    Btw that’s the best song on that Beach Boys album, IMO. 