It appears that iTunes 10.3 is available for download in certain areas. Even though I can’t see to be able to hit the update, some people are currently downloading it.

iTunes 10.3 will allow you to automatically download new music, app, and book purchases to all your devices. The automatic downloads and downloading of purchase history are available now but they require at least iOS 4.3.1 on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (GSM model), iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation), iPad, or iPad 2, or a Mac or PC with iTunes 10.3…

I’m not sure yet if it’s safe or not for jailbreakers. You might want to hold off on that, just to be on the safe side.

Update: It’s safe for jailbreakers, so go ahead.

[iTunes Download Link]

  • Painman

    Not available in 64bit yet!

    • Eduardo

      Yes it is, dowloaded and installed last night, also safe for JB

  • Burge

    Just checking now …no download yet in uk

  • Rob

    When is it going to be available in mexico? and the 25$ a year will also be available in mexico? i cant wait to have that, even do i don’t have piracy but i have songs of lots of cds when itunes wasn’t available, hope someone can help me.

  • Jason

    same here. no dl available yet.

  • SpideyRules

    Available here, so downloading while I can, but not installing until deemed safe 🙂

  • charlly

    give us the link if you can see 10.3

  • scottilmnc

    i got it. once you’ve downloaded it, go to settings/itunes on your device and you’ll have 3 options to share files. pretty sweet

    • scottilmnc

      oh i forgot. once you’ve shared your files, go to ipod/more and you’ll see a house icon that’s sharing your files.

  • flushfoot

    If you downloaded the new iTunes 10.3 with Google Chrome (for example) it will show you the address to find the .exe file…

    10.2.2 (32-bit) (Canada) was

  • RacerMaster

    If you were able to download it, please give us the download link!

  • KTH

    I think the people that can’t download version 10.3 can’t download it because I remember reading that one of the system requirements was Windows 7. If you are running XP Apple is probably preventing you from downloading the new version. I don’t remember reading what the article said about Vista thoough.

    • FlushFoot

      I have Windows 7, 64-bit, but live north of the border (Canada)

  • jmwils3

    well, Im IN the US, but STILL dont have it available 🙁 apple fail… Win7-64bit

  • Rob

    that link from support also works, but i got it from itunes, when you enter itunes now, the link goes to the 10.3 version, im on a mac and in Mexico so i think it should work everywhere.

  • Joe

    is it jailbreak safe?

  • Rich

    @Joe im waiting on the same info (jailbreak safe or not). I’ve been JBing since 3.1 and i dont ever recall an iTunes update messing with a JB. But to be safe i would say for you to download it but hold off on the install. We should know the answer shortly….as in later this afternoon i’m sure.

  • Jailbreakers: I’ve downloaded it but I iTunes tell that something wrong with my iPhone ( either because the jailbreak or because I have 64 bit )

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    Not available trough Itunes>help>check updates, but if you run Apple software updates it will show up 😀

  • Gibhvac

    For some reason I didn’t get an automatic notification of the update 10.3 like past updates. I had to DL it again by clicking on the get iTunes button and it worked. Not sure why I had to reDL all the files and such, and was kinda scary while it processed. It seemed I wAz deleting my old account to create a new one but that was not the case of course.

    Windows 7 34 bit.

    • You mean 32 bit..
      (cuz there’s no 34 ^^)