Wondering when all these new great features in iOS 5 will come to your iPhone? I hope you’re not in a hurry because it’s not going to be available until this fall. When is this exactly, we’re not sure.

iOS 5 will be available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4,iPad, iPad 2, and the iPod Touch 3G and 4G…

This fall, huh? I’m not sure I can wait that long. You?

  • darkman

    Good to hear that it is also for the 3GS. Last we heard was that it would only be compatible with iPhone 4 and above.

    • Kflo

      It’s ganna be glitchy as fuck.. Just like the 3G on iOS4..

      • Burge

        I doubt that they will make that mistake again….the 3GS is a much better device than the 3G ..it’ll take it…

  • Burge

    Going to give it a go ..my mates a dev…

  • iXanczy

    I am wondering how long time it will take this time. Hope they wont use way to long time.

  • Ken

    Is it a possibility next generation iphone to come out on fall with new iOS 5 ?

    • Daman09

      This is likely, it will probably come out in September now 🙁 3 MORE MONTHS OF THIS JANKY 3GS!!!

  • James

    Wow. This sounds great. Reminders, lock screen notifications, lock screen camera, etc. I actually might not need to jailbreak anymore. Finally an update I wil probably install the day it comes out 🙂

  • Big Brother

    The thing is, no one has yet to release a iPad 2 jailbreak, i am trying to be down on the jailbreak but with all these things coming from apple, i think that someone should release it soon because then the jailbreak comunity could have a lot to work with

  • There should be links for non-developers to download iOS5 beta later on today… It would be awesome if iDB would let us know if they find out about it!

    • Ty

      Can you post links when they come out?! Thanks

    • Artkin

      Since it’s going to undoubtedly be buggy, would I be able to revert back to my 4.2.X (Verizon iPhone) if it’s almost unusable (3G/wifi problems, etc.)?

  • Dodgerdeezy

    Perfect now hackers get working on the ipad2 jailbreak! Cmon you got The entire summer!! Don’t take that long though 

  • With all the new features in iOS5, it seems it was designed to address the jailbreak needs of most people. I know it has already been jailbroken (tethered only). But it seems to me, most of what people jailbreak the OS for is addressed in iOS5, maybe with the exception of themes and the biteSMS interface and OF COURSE unlocking the phone.

    Certainly, I am eager to try it and see what else I will really need from Cydia after that. I am sure there will always be something to jailbreak it for. But it is likely that the major reasons have been addressed in iOS5 and less people would be likely to jump ship.

    Maybe what we really need is just an unlock.

  • i’ve updated & love the new iOS 5!! badass!!! def fewer reasons to jailbreak, tho some still remain…