With iCloud, Apple is introducing yet another feature in iOS 5: automatic backups. Every day, most of your content on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will be automatically backed up to the cloud. Should you get a new iPhone, everything will be loaded to this new phone automatically.

Automatic daily backups will be done over wifi and will allow you to back up your music, books, apps, camera roll, device settings, and app data… 

Yet another feature I’m drooling about.



  • Burge

    OTA ..loose your jailbreak …you’ve been warned ….

    • Eric

      Just turn it off in settings

  • Jonn


    • Burge

      Thanks ……
      .just need a update to this iPhone keyboard now ..I type to quick …

  • Kflo

    I’m still waiting for a quick reply? I HATE opening another app to reply to a text only to go back and have whatever I was doin shut off

    • Burge

      Bitesms is your friend…

    • anon

      “QuckReply for SMS” on Cydia.

      Best thing ever.

  • Me

    I predicted WiFi syncronisation across devices in one of the iCloud posts 🙂

  • babeh

    mine app is 90% installaous based app, definely turned off.

  • Jon Garrett

    Apple is so smart. when iOS 4 came out, they had copied many Cydia apps to “improve” iOS 4, now in iOS 5, we not only see many more Cydia apps, but some Android, RIM and MS stuff too.

    People think Apple wants to prevent jailbrekaing, NO they dont. they want the community to keep coming up with great ideas so they can incorporate them directly into the OS without giving the devs any credit at all.

    Smart move.

  • Justin

    Wouldn’t this feature be pointless to jailbreakers as when you update to iOS 5 and you choose to restore from a backup, it would be a jailbroken backup which can cause problems so we still have to plug our devices into itunes to manually sync back all our content.