Another little detail that emerged from what we’ve seen of iOS 5 so far is that the iPod app is now gone and has been renamed/replaced by the “Music” app.

This is the same icon that you could find on the iPod Touch before. It seems that the iPod is now gone, and replaced by the Music app across all iOS devices. Yay for consitency!

More details to be posted as they come.

  • gallium

    So it no longer plays videos only music?

    Dumb idea or dumb name either way this is stupid.

    • Your Mom

      Really????? What a Tool

    • yo

      i don’t see why its so dumb. apple likes consistency. now they probably have a videos app too. i like that. keeps things simple. i don’t expect to find movies in the ipod app when all ipod makes me think is music.

      • rjdino


      • Érico

        yeah! that’s it!

      • bc

        Considering iPods have played videos for many years, I DO think video when I hear iPod. I would much prefer video to remain integrated with music in one app and I’m pretty sure it will.

    • lewis

      I think the music icon is ugllier , I prefer the iPod app. I think it just suites the iPhone more.

      • Chris

        I agree the icon is ugly! What gets me is that the musical note symbol is brown, not white like the other icons. God, that sort of sounds bad when put that way… But anyway, it looks incongruous and jarring on my screen! Apple, please either change all the others to brown or change this one to white!

  • Anonymous

    It obviously plays video’s. How else would you be able to play a recorded video?! LOL

    • Érico

      i hope they have an app for that other than music app!

    • gallium

      Exactly so why call it “Music”. Because the design team is retarded that’s why.

  • Yay for spellcheck!!!

  • dfgbhfdv

    Im happy now. Im an itouch user and i hate themes only getting icons for the ipod app and not the music and videos apps.

    • your mom.

      Ugh. Just rename the .png files…..

  • Someone

    ‘new’ as in the same one the IPT has always had.

    • Aaronieru

      Users should not have to do that. If this is the case, the theme maker sucks.

      • Michael

        When you go for a shit should the maker of the toilet roll wipe your ass aswell !!! Jeeezzzz how hard is it to rename an icon to Music !!

  • Dadditude

    I just hope this means that I will finally be able to use playlists on my iPad.

  • Robert

    There’s a separate video app, just like the iPod. Running iOS 5 now.

    • Can you jailbreak it ? Try it out see if it works?

      • Robert

        No, they’ve patched EVERYTHING. It’s almost impossible to jailbreak. Intact, Apple may have won the jailbreak war.

      • Pirates Suck

        @Robert : Right…….. You are not running iOS 5. And you are obviously a tool. What makes you say that Apple has won the jailbreak war when the Dev Team says otherwise?


      • Michael

        lol @ Pirates Suck, he clearly hasn’t seen MuscleNerd’s tweet about jailbreaking it already thanks to Geohot’s boot exploit. Some people say anything even when they are so mis-informed !

  • Larz

    I’m gonna guess this picture (I saw it too) is an error, though it could happen. I don’t expect to lose my unified iPod app.

  • pn2bade

    I for one am not a fan of this. I really liked having everything in one app and I want the least amount of icons on my homescreen as possible.

  • @Robert you are the weakest link goodbye!! Lol!!

    • Zaf

      Kinda funny how it turns out Robert was right.

      • Kyle

        How so? Theres a tethered jailbreak and the exploit for an untethered jailbreak has been found.

  • Afra33

    I actually don’t like this change of icons and name. I like the iPod icon and the name, it’s iconic.

  • Michael

    I’m sure when ios 5 is out and all the people who don’t like seperate icons can use something like springtomize and hit the unified ipod button.

  • Dom Williams

    The new icon is so ugly! Why can they not just have the unified on the iPad and iPod, then leave it on the iPhone…much slicker, and nicer…I LOVE consistency, everything MUST be consistent, as they are achieving with iCloud, but it needs to look good…Apple, be consistent with the right thing!

  • Nice blog, educational and elegant.

  • Joe

    Just saying everyone here leaving comments is retarded, the reason it was called iPod in past firmwares is because of unified iPod, which is pretty self explanatory. It says music now, but there is a seperate app called videos. Look before you whinge.

    • Alex06507

      I did look and I saw 2 seperate apps for something that was only 1 on the last os. The reason we’re “whinging” is becos I preferred the unified iPod to having 2 seperate things to do the job of 1. Get ur facts straight b4 insulting people. Have some damn respect for others instead of being selfish and pig headed.

    • Alex06507

      I did look and I saw 2 seperate apps for something that was only 1 on the last os. The reason we’re “whinging” is becos I preferred the unified iPod to having 2 seperate things to do the job of 1. Get ur facts straight b4 insulting people. Have some respect for others instead of being selfish and pig headed.

  • Tommy

    If it is called Music, then would it play only music? I know most iPods can play music, TV shows, podcasts, and movies. Hopefully it can, but I still would prefer the iPod logo. I guess they removed it because the click wheel is getting outdated since iPod Classic is the only iPod left with a click wheel.

  • Max

    I was doing this with my theme and jailbreak since iPhone 3G … Apple is indeed trying to make a jailbreak killer here XD

  • Dom

    So what is with the iPhone 4 adverts?! “if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPod in your pocket…” well apparently we don’t anymore… -.-

  • Adriaen

    just installed iOS5 GM and yes… unfortunately it does split the iPod app into a Music app AND a Videos app…?? Why oh why oh why…?? It was a terrible idea on the ipod touch and it’s a terrible idea on the iPhone… the icons are sooooo bland and ugly too..?? wtf man..!!

  • Lassiter

    The change serves two purposes: consistency, as you identified; and simplistic compliance: the click wheel iPod is dead and new users have no reason to identify an old image of an iPod as the unified place to find their ‘music’ and ‘videos’.

  • odoyle rules

    Who cares? (I’m saying this as an Apple fan)

  • James

    I love the ipod app, but, what could we do, anyways i love apple, so maybe they are right, well. Maybe they integrated “Videos” (cause YES theres a new app of videos) with YOUR OWN MADE VIDEOS, I mean with the camara, so maybe its a best idea, becasue the union of “PHOTOS AND VIDEOS” in just photos, was a STUPID idea, anyways apple knows what they are doing.

  • Quinn

    Just got iOS 5, it’s true, music and videos are split.

    So… if they removed the iPod icon cuz the classic is dead and the click wheel is outdated, then….

    WHEN are they gonna change the UGLY (always has been) youtube icon from an old CRT box tv with dial knobs to a new modern TV icon?

    • Quinn

      Wait a minute! Just checked Apple again. The classic is NOT dead. The iPhone 4S unveiling made it seem that way.

      Which means neither is the Click-Wheel dead!

  • Sigh.. One app a day keeps separates away.

  • This is stupid. I pointed this out on my blog already but here is the main issue: EVERYTHING except videos is under the new icon and yet they still call it music. Ummmm…the last time I checked, podcasts and audiobooks were NOT music. Also, consistency doesn’t imply a good idea. This was wrong on the iPod touch and it’s wrong now.

  • Saravanan

    Apple Team very very smart…..
    I have brought iPhone4 because that is included iPod app.
    I raised one complained for iPhone4 iPod app not has same volume base sound as iPod device.
    They given replacement new iPhone4 but my issue still not solved.
    IN iOS 5 they changed the name of iPod app.

    Apple Team don’t do like that.

  • Anythingyoulike

    They shouldn’t put the Store button in the Music app..
    And they also took out the lyrics feature.. I usually play the music n read the lyrics
    I hope the apple team fix ’em

  • Audrie

    I really want the original icon back! I liked the classic iPod symbol.

  • Simon west

    I preferred the old look. Now I have another icon/app I don’t use instead of video and music being together, plus the ‘music’ icon doesn’t match the app store icon now

  • So i have an ugly music icon which has audiobooks and podcasts there and useless videos icon has nothing, while my videos are mostly in photos app anyway. lol apple I guess my next phone will be android ;-P just joking

  • BLaCk_RaPtOr

    I really hope apple brings back the ipod app because having video and music as seperate apps is stupid

  • shmeylo levi

    i like the old one, you have a lot off apps for music & video but when you want to play your’s music or video, you have one app for it not 2.
    not need the press home to exit and then go the video when i play music