Someone sent me a few exclusive photos of some of the new features in iOS 5, and it looks like a doozy folks.

If you tuned into this morning’s WWDC keynote, you are well aware that Apple is implementing a new PC Free strategy for iOS 5, and that includes the initial setup of your iPhone.

Inside we have a few interesting screenshots of the iPhone’s initial setup screens, along with the new Home screen equipped with a new iPod touch-esque Music app, along with a settings screen for iCloud.

Interested in seeing the iOS of the future? Check out the exclusive images inside…

Did you notice the new Reminders app icon, and the new Music icon? And Let’s not forget about the new Newsstand app that makes an appearance.

Overall, iOS 5 is looking and feeling quite snazzy, and stay tuned for even more photo evidence of its snazziness.

What do you think about these screenshots? Do they get you excited for the Fall?

  • Awesome! I want it!

  • Was saving for an Air. Do I need it now? 😉

  • qwertypoiu

    Im confused… I dont see any new “Notification Center” icon or a new “Music” icon… Can someone help me out?

    • Eric

      It’s inside the utilities folder

      • Eric

        Sorry wrong about that. I think he must mean tue reminders app.

      • Eric, right on the money.

    • Eric

      The music icon is on the dock. No more iPod app

    • Sorry, I got a little ahead of myself there, I meant Reminders.

      • qwertypoiu

        thanks…im used to the iPod app on my iPod Touch…didnt realize that this was an iPhone. Woops!

    • Érico

      there’s no icon for notification center and the new music icon is the old one for ipod devices. as we can see, music app embodies video and music…

  • Eric

    As great as it all is the fall is ridiculous. It’s been a damn year. I’m a huge fanboy. This is mostly (but certainly not all) catch up. Now android has seen AirPlay mirroring and iCloud and has months tonwhip something up. Like it or not this is a competition. Sometimes they’re as slow as MS. Leopard was a year late. This is late. Looks great though.getting closer to not needing a jailbreak.

    • Binary-Stalker

      Perfection takes time.

      • Digitalus


        Although it’s an improvement, it’s far from perfect.

  • Doug

    Why is the message app still “Messages” shouldn’t it be “iMessage?”

    • localemo

      I messages is going to be a seperate app like bbm on rim

  • alex

    if you are not an ios developer, do not upgrade to ios 5, your device will not activate if it is not registered!

    • Eric

      You’ll still need to send regular texts to non iOS devices. It will automatically detect if you’re sending to an iOS user and use the iMessages system. I’ll be curious to see if they rename the icon when you will still be texting from it. Can’t imagine 2 separate icons.

  • Robert Taylor

    One thing I do notice is that Apple redesigned the on/off toggle buttons.

  • yupp and those toggle switches look sexyy aF!