More photo goodness has emerged from a friendly email, and this time they illustrate some new features surrounding photos.

To be more specific, these images focus on album creation and management.

In iOS 5, you’re no longer relegated to managing your photo albums on your Mac or PC; nope, now you can manage albums directly on your iPhone.

Apple is apparently very serious about their new PC Free initiative, and it shows when looking at the screenshots contained inside…


As you can see from the above screenshots, managing your photos on your iPhone will no longer be a ridiculously frustrating experience. Coupled with iCloud and these new on-device management options, managing your photos and galleries will be a breeze in iOS 5.

Along with that, there’s also a much-improved camera, and you can see one of the new camera features — the grid — in the screenshot above as well.

Doesn’t looking at these shots make you wish you could speed up time and get right to the Fall?

  • SpideyRules

    Looks like almost every single improvement is from other apps or the jailbreak community.

    Cracks me up.

    • Paul

      yea everyone is saying and its true… no sbSettings i still love lock info and other tweeks here and there on cydia… lets see how the developers in cydia are going to intergrade more tweeks in to iOS5

      • Delete

        And we still have to dig through Settings to get to anything quickly. I wish SB Settings would have been another thing they ripped off.

  • c0edx

    I think the only thing thats missing from the iOS 5 is Themes.

    • Érico

      100% agreed! i hope it is something for ios 6!!

  • AMB

    Isnt there a jailbreak app that does that for like 10$? Good ridance, now we can do it for free THANK YOU APPLE!!


    i just wanted sbsettings on ios5 and reply to sms from lockscreen and in apps

  • manbearpig

    here’s hoping that sbsettings gets integrated into the notification bar…that would make me giddy as a schoolgirl

  • Svenii

    Password security on chosen picture folders would be nice 🙂

  • Looks liked AlbumPhoto+

  • Wi77

    I really don’t get it….. didn’t the “jailbreak community” emerge also because of the restrictive way apple handled user feature requests? and lack of modification possibilities?

    finally apple is listening and integrating that stuff into iOS – and now everybody is complaining about apple being a copycat??? really, I don’t get it…… (like the other “guys” don’t copy a lot themselves – and “creating albums/folders” isn’t that of a “big idea” anyways – that concept’s been around for a while)

    I bought the photoalbums+ app from cydia – because the album creation was a real big feature I was missing in the iPhone….. BUT what I also learned the hard way about cydia is – it’s NOT a wonderland – all those “hacked” features that get integrated come with a high price.
    Alot of them don’t work properly – have regular hangups/bugs – or are massive battery drainers…

    like photoalbums+ makes my battery drain faster by 30-40% – which just isn’t worth it in my opinion.
    now seeing it integrated by apple himself is such a relief – because now it should work properly with iOS…. (just yesterday photoalbums+ had some kind of hangup and I couldn’t access my photoalbums anymore until I did a complete sync with iTunes – which just sucks if you are on tour)

    all those new features now in iOS 5 really makes me want to get rid of cydia once and for all (I don’t really need most of the stuff on there – don’t use no gimmicks/themes, swirly icons, etc.)

    I only wonder if the new “notifications” screen also work for upcoming events in the calendar?
    that would be a great feature…..

    • Vic

      30-40%, alright Senator Kyl. If you have as many issues as you say you do than just restore to factory and stay away from jailbreaks. Idiot.

      P.S. None of the features in iOS 5 are new.

      • Wi77

        lol…. nice constructive criticism…. how old are you? 15?…. but thanks for your effort anyways….

    • Fojam

      Honestly, shut up. Youre like 5 years old. Its good that apple is integrating these things, so stop being a tool about everything everyone says

  • Without the jailbreak community where would Apple get their “ideas” from?

  • dfgbhfdv

    Next thing they need for the PC free feature is PC-less jailbreaks.