Over The Air syncing and download of content across various iDevices is slowly being rolled out by Apple. After showing your purchase history in the App Store app and leting you easily download previously purchased apps, a new update has been pushed, this time to the Settings app of your iPhone.

If you got to Settings > Store, you will now see new options that allow you to automatically download new purchases made on other devices…

For example, if you set this setting to ON and download an app on your iPod Touch, the same app will automatically be downloaded to your iPhone as well. This can be turned on for music, applications, and books. This will work on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, assuming you are running iOS 4.3.1 or above.

Neat feature but can lead to a giant mess, if like me you download tons of applications that usually don’t stay more than a few hours on my device.

What do you think?

  • Juan

    hmm. not sure how useful this is. like you, I download lots and most are deleted within the hour (or less). Nice that the option exists though.

  • Chris

    Don’t have the option for Music only Apps and Books

    • Anonymous

      Only available in the US. I am in the UK and only have Apps & Books

  • pn2bade

    I wish this was for tv shows too. I’m out of town and I’m really missing my Doctor Who.

  • Anonymous

    I share my itunes account with my wife and daughter. I really don’t want al the toddler games we put on my daughter’s ipod installing to my iphone or ipad, or some of my apps installing over there either. There needs to be filters setup for this on a per device basis and much more granular control.

  • Kevin

    I turn each option on – and they turn back off. By themselves! Is my iPhone haunted? Is Apple checking jailbreak status and disabling this feature on jailbroken iPhones? Any ideas?

    • Justin

      I have this exact problem. Not using a jailbroken phone, it’s only a month or so old.

  • scottilmnc

    I’m jailbroken on 4.3.3 and its working fine. I just downloaded a song on my macbook pro and it just appeared on iphone4.

    • scottilmnc

      Can you download a song on iphone and it show up on macbook?

  • JB95200

    To kevin: me to and, i have only apps and cellular

  • Renato Pires

    Podcasts are downloading automatically now?

  • Goofygreek

    Doesn’t work on ipad2 4.3.2

  • Kevin

    I corrected this problem in this way:

    Go to Settings -> Store.

    Click on your Apple ID – select “Sign Out”

    Click on “Sign In” – select “Use Existing Apple ID”

    Log in.

    Now, the settings will “stick”.

    At least they did for me. Hope this helps!