Apple just posted a 5-minute video about iOS 5. The video covers iOS 5 mains features: Notifications Center, Newsstand, Reminders, Twitter, and more.

Unfortunately, we can’t embed the video into this post, but you can easily access it directly from Apple’s website.

  • Tony

    Can’t watch it on an iPhone. Odd

    • Burge

      I just did..,,

    • 877

      Worked on iPhone for me too

  • Burge

    Where the spoof video …
    Also Apple have called it… wifi sync..erm I think that might belong to a jailbreak app I hope Greg hughes has that covered ….law suit ..

  • Érico

    loving the news!!

  • cody

    I was really hoping they wouldve started the buy a mac for college and get a free ipod promotion

  • maxtheking1

    Everything was copied from the cydia store

    • Burge

      Moat updates are…Cydia is Apple..

  • Andrew

    Is there any realease date yet?

  • Andrew

    Is there any realease date yet?……………..

    • James

      In the fall. Nothing more concrete as far as time frame.

  • Fapp_le

    Can’t believe none of you caught that Apple also stole Rich Text

  • Nat

    Alot if ideas stolen even from android

  • Nat

    Alot if ideas stolen even from android lol bring on the law suits