It’s finally here, folks! Apple has introduced and detailed the mysterious iCloud. Steve Jobs himself says that iCloud is something the company has been working on for 10 years, and iCloud has totally replaced MobileMe and added new services, such as Photo Stream.

Details below!

Steve Jobs,

“We’re going to demote the PC and the mac to just be a device. We’re going to move your hub, the center of your digital life, into the cloud.”

“So now, if I get something on my iPhone, it’s sent to the cloud immediately, and they’re pushed down to my devices automatically. And now everything is in sync without having to think about it. I don’t have to be near my Mac or PC.”

iCloud is a syncing technology and online storage solution. Contacts, calendars, and e-mail will be synced for free to all of your iDevices.

Just as we predicted, iCloud will be baked into just about every part of iOS 5. The iWork apps (Pages, Keynote, Numbers) will also allow you to store and sync your documents, presentations and spreadsheets with iCloud.

iCloud will provide you with automatic backups daily, and sync your information between all of your devices. Bookmarks will even be synced across devices. The future is in the cloud!

Did we mention that it’s free?

“It’ll be turned on by default. We’re also giving everyone 5GB for storage of mail β€” and apps and books don’t count. And we’re not counting Photo Stream.”

For more information, check out Apple’s brand new iCloud page. It’s pretty sweet.


  • Hakan

    no new iphone :(?

  • Sam

    I think it’s pretty impressive of Apple to make it free. I do hope they give the option of expanding the amount of storage you have on your cloud though.

    • josh

      Dude, 5 gigs of MAIL space, thats not counting apps, music, photos, ect.

  • See free now I’m interested

  • William

    goddamn it! I’ve just renewed my MobileMe family subscription this March πŸ™

    • Burge

      That will get you moved to a better cloud…you’ll get abit more sunshine…than cloud…

      • William

        i’m not complaining about moving to a better cloud, i’m complaining about the fact that I’ve just renewed my service for $149 couple months ago, and now Apple discontinues MobileMe and makes it free services. I want refund.

    • Apple will be refunding your recent MobileMe purchase soon. No worries πŸ™‚

  • Potamus

    When is it available. Jobs said today on the iphone 4, but he site says this fall……..!!!!!!!!!?…..

  • Max

    Well, today started the beta Version of iCloud for testing it. It’s only available for employees and beta testers, so iCloud starts for us with ios5 in Fall.

    Greetings from Germany πŸ˜‰

  • Binary-Stalker

    I’m using this. Definitely.

  • Charlie

    awesome!! it’s free!! But it makes sense since it will be integrated so heavily.

  • Charlie

    awesome!! it’s free!! But it makes sense since it will be integrated so heavily

  • All sounds good to me.
    In a couple of years iCloud will just be a regular thing we don’t even think about…. Until some asshole hacks it!

  • babeh

    hmm what about my locally sync free mp3s?

  • Syc01cE

    My big question is how is this going to affect the amount of data used over 3G? I have unlimited but I know a lot of people don’t and i plan to move over to VZW which I hear they are going to discontinue unlimited data by time I switch… iCloud seems awesome but what if I am streaming music for 6 hours out on my boat that seems like a lot of data being used? Any thoughts? Is iCloud data not taken into consideration when AT&T or vzw bills you?