The App Store application has just been updated to show your purchase history and to allow you to download any application that is not installed on the device.

When you go to the “Updates” section of your App Store app application, you will now see a “Purchased” button. This will take you to a list of all the applications you have ever purchased. You can also select the “Not on This iPhone” option to see apps that have been downloaded to your other iDevices…

You can then easily redownload to your device effortlessly, and completely free of charge.

You need to be on iOS 4.3.1 or above to enjoy this new feature.

How do you like this new option? Quite handy, isn’t it?

  • James

    Yeah. Pretty cool. Quite a few apps I forgot about since I’ve done so many restores. I just reinstalled 5 things that I use to have and neglected to reinstall simply cause I forgot about them.

  • Timohty/klouud

    Nice! What about game saves? Anyone try this…for the game saves that is.

  • goofygreek

    ofcourse its not available on 4.2.1

  • Excellent, again, it’s like an ‘ibulb’ has lit up at Apple and they’ve all exclaimed “Bollox! How did we miss that before now?”

  • Burge

    God I’ve downloaded some shit apps .

  • Burge)
    Lmao!! Me too!

  • Tom

    I’m on 4.3.1 and it’s not showing up on my phone. Am I don’t doing something right?

    • Tom

      *Not doing something right

  • Mo

    not working for me??
    im on 4.3.2…

    • Burge

      Go to updates …

      • Tom

        All I get when I go to updates is the “all apps are up to date” message.

  • I went to AppStore, there was an update waiting, I updated it and now in my AppStore (updated) I get a list of apps I’ve installed before, and whether it was on this device or others..
    Shame there’s not a delete feature to get rid of ones I’ve binned (cos they were cr@p or just no use anymore) otherwise that list is gonna grow an grow…
    Maybe that’ll be in IOS6? :0))

    • Burge

      Apple missed that one..looking forward to ios6…most of the apps in there are bin fodder…I didn’t know I download that many anyway..although it is in iTunes ..if you know where to look..

  • Pat

    Nice seeing it, but I’d like to be able to remove apps from the list. Using a shared computer I don’t like the idea of family seeing some apps which were downloaded before
    and since removed.

    • Exactly, I don’t want anyone to see some of the apps I have downloaded and would like to remove them forever. Apple, can you make that happen?

  • Not working for me. Does this need a reboot or does it not work on jailbroken devices.

    • Wait. I am still on 4.2.1
      sorry, never mind

      • time to upgrade again…..ugh!!

  • Rani

    How do I block this option?

  • Frank

    Is there anyway to remove an app from being shown?

  • Goofygreek

    Also, this doesn’t work on iPad 2 4.3.2

  • Bradley

    Not working for me on a jailbroken iPhone on 4.3.1.

  • gr33n13m0n

    Very nice 🙂 awesome update

  • Not working for me on a jailbroken 4.3.1 iPhone 4 in Canada.

  • Jon

    Is there a way to delete erm, less scrupulous apps??

  • Mark

    cool, I can see my hacked apps too 🙂 And download them 🙂

  • ArtPC Guy

    You must be on 4.3.3 — didnt you listen to the WWDC

  • Frank McCloud

    I’d seriously like to remove some entries from that that list. There’s things in there that I really don’t want anyone who uses my phone to see.

    • NeedanAttorney

      Downloading Grindr has screwed me all over again! I’m *%^ked!!

      • Luk

        same problem here… ouch i knew i shouldnt have dowloaded it! has someone found a solution how to fix this problem and delete some entries??? isn’t it also quite bad for “privacy”???

      • Yeah me too! I want that sh/t out of my history. So pissed off right now


    Anyone worked out how to get rid of this!? I HATE IT and I don’t need others on my phone seeing what I download…

  • Choice

    Any way to remove app from the list?

  • Dude

    Yeah how do you disable it. It’s dumb. annoying.

  • elle

    anyone have an answer as to how to delete the history? Downloaded some really useless apps that I will never DL again…

  • James

    Same as above, how do you disable that feature or remove apps from the purchased list?

  • JoeJonas

    Ridiculous! Apps were deleted for a reason. Sure, this could be mildly useful, but a permament delete feature should be an option here as well. Rubbish

  • Is it possible to turn it off?

  • pedro

    un coñazo ¿como se puede borrar esa opcion? a nadie que pueda coger mi iphone4 le debe interesar que me he descargado, ¿Para cuando la opcion de borrar aplicaciones descargadas?

  • Master Of Images

    In practice a good idea… I’ve just bought the iPhone 4 and saw this appear in my App Store. The problem is like most men we download a few adultish Apps (yes women do it too I know!) My wife has inherited my old 3G and it doesn’t appear at present! When I eventually give her this IPhone 4 in a couple of years she will be able to see what I’ve downloaded. It would be nice to switch it off if wanted. Apps like Photoswap.. FFM… SneakyCam Phototrader…. Yes these Apps are supposed to be clean but they are “Used” for other purposes.

  • Sam

    Guys, guys… doesn’t finding the app in iTunes (under the ‘Apps’ section) and deleting that remove it from your entire library? Here’s hoping 😛

  • Upset Customer

    This is stupid that you can’t delete your purchased app history! This is an invasion of privacy because ANYONE can see all that you downloaded with the tap of a finger! I want to be able to have the option of deleting the apps that I really don’t want to be seen or used. I should have the option to select certain ones that I can delete from the history PERMANANTLY. Apple definately better do something about this if they want keep their high reputation with the iPhones,iPods,etc…

  • Idk11ty6

    EVERYONE WHO IS TRYING TO DELETE APP PURCHASED HISTORY, I CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT but just sign out where it says top 25 scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen, click your Apple ID and sign out then no one can see your stuff!!!

  • Swipe right then hide works in iOS5

  • Swipe right then hide works in iOS5.

  • I absolutely hate this feature. Apps were deleted for a reason. I do not want them in my purchase history. It is ridiculous that I can not permanently delete them. It is just a dumb move who ever came up with that idea. Fix it! I want them out of my history and permanently gone!

  • Arturo

    How can I erase my download history?

  • It’s good but we should have an option to remove the app we don’t want to keep