It’s the eve of Apple’s annual WWDC conference, and we knew that a “leak” was bound to get out sooner or later. Very rarely does an Apple event occur without some sort of unconfirmed tidbit that gets leaked the night before.

This time, it appears that TechCrunch may have got its hands on what looks to be a new system of notifications in iOS 5. You should be very skeptical of this picture, but it still makes for fun speculation…

Could this really be what notifications in iOS 5 look like?

If you ask me, that interface looks a whole lot like a jailbreak system of notifications called MobileNotifier.

Interestingly, the developer of MobileNotifier, Peter Hajas, was recently hired by Apple to work on iOS at Cupertino.

From TechCrunch,

“The last two are particularly interesting given the image above. Again, no clue if it’s actually real or not, but the idea might be right. Notifications that come down from the top bar could be how Apple ends up doing things in iOS 5. After all, this would mimic already existing functionality — when tethering, a blue strip appears along the top; when on the phone, it’s a green strip. Might notifications (or at least Twitter notifications) produce a gray strip?”

We’ve heard multiple reports that iOS 5 would have “deep” integration with Twitter. Perhaps this leak reveals how Twitter’s notifications will look in Apple’s upcoming edition of iOS.

TechCrunch is pretty skeptical of this screenshot it received, but it does point out that this “leak” could be legitimate,

“But if the Weather app is to be believed, this is clearly a European version of iOS (note the 23 degrees Celsius in the icon instead of 72 degree Fahrenheit as you would see in the U.S.). Second, the Camera app icon is totally different, and looks a little odd being all-black, but who knows, maybe it’s changing. The icons are in the “correct” default order. Finally, if the talk of deep Twitter integration into iOS 5 is to be believed, it’s entirely possible that these new-style Twitter notifications could be working in iOS 5 right out of the box.”

If you’d like to read about what the iDB team thinks iOS 5 will be like, check out our roundtable discussion about tomorrow’s keynote.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Mike Rundle, an iOS developer, has noticed that TechCrunch’s screenshot uses the Myriad Pro font in the notification bar. The rest of the text in the screenshot is Helvetica. Because the two fonts do not match, the photo is definitely fake.

  • Steve jobz

    I hope this is real, that’s like Peter’s notifications just thinner , beautiful!

  • Jason

    I hope it’s real too, very clean and subtle.

  • BLiNK

    wouldn’t it be a little too early for Peter’s work to show since he was just hired by Apple?

    • Yes it would be too early. I merely noted that it was an interesting coincidence.

      • thomasj

        Yes, but his work is open source. I wouldn’t be the first time apple does this… Mac OS anyone??

  • Robert

    There’s a 4th icon in the “Utilities” folder. Hmmmm….

    • Robert

      My bad. ^^ 5th icon.

      • thomasj

        probably just find my iphone

  • Drew

    new camera icon too?

  • AMB

    The Weather thing means absolutely nothing as to which region this version of the iOS belongs to. We Canadians also use Celsius degrees, after all only the Americans (as far as I know) use Fahrenheit.

    So is this the European version, or simply the very same North-American version with a slight change? I say this info isn’t even worth it looking into.

  • Robert

    I also have the default look on my phone. The icons are RIGHT below the status bar on all iPhones. (Look for yourself)… In this picture, the icons are directly under the status bar including the notification, but how? How does that fit? Adding the notification bar to our iPhone 4’s, the notification would be hitting the icon for sure. Not to mention the fact but the FONT is not Helvetica Nue, (Apple’s font.)

    • thomasj

      The height of the icons is right, they move lower when the double height status bar appears (during tethering, calls, nike+,…)

  • joe

    actually it looks a lot simular to the tethering bar, and the bar that comes up while you’re in a phone call. It doesnt not resemble mobile notifier, it probably will in the future, because apple hired the guy.

  • Jocofee

    The FaceTime icon looks to be the old one…

    • Max Lujan

      That’s the messages icon; only the iPod touch has a dedicated app & icon on the homescreen.

  • May not real.But people are wishing it be true.For myself,I like it.

  • I don’t want to be a drag or anything, but Im pretty sure this will never happen… just listen please! Think about it, when you’re on a call and you are multitasking, you get that green bar… (same with Skype and some other programs) .. Now think about this, when you’re on a call with your friend and want to switch to Skype, when you initiate the Skype app it kinda “tests itself” by putting the red bar on the top of your screen for a second… so think about it, you cant have two different bars at the top! So what if you get a notification during a call? would the call end and the gray bar come up? I (personally) don’t think that that would work out, but then again, Apple always managed to do that impossible…

  • Andrew

    The bar displaying the notifications is slim, very iOS, and looks great. But I’m not a fan of that response window. That does not fit in with iOS at all IMO.

    • Lucas K.

      That’s a screenshot of MobileNotifier if you RTFA.