WWDC is tomorrow, and Apple is set to unveil the mysterious iOS 5. Well, folks, we’ve been fortunate enough to stumble across an exclusive preview of what iOS 5 has to offer, and let’s just say that it’s magical.

We will warn you, this video may cause you to have an uncontrollable craving for milk and cookies…

Ok, so it’s fake. Hopefully you didn’t get your hopes up too high.

But you gotta admit, this guy is one magical magician. Steve Jobs should be jealous.


[Thanks, Chronic!]

  • Dave

    Thats awesome, but the only trick that annoyed me was the straw – far too obvious he picked that up from a table in front of him.

  • Micke

    I was really impressed by this video, up to the point when he started drinking the coke. That looked extremely fake. But other than that – great job.

  • Funked

    Got my hopes up lol 🙁 still a really cool video none the less!

  • DebTym


  • John Arvee

    I thought it was true, :||

  • fojam

    this would be awesome

  • Shahzad


  • Lolz very AWESOME video 😀

  • Jason

    uhhhh.. that was freakin dope. lol wow.

  • That would be just great.

  • Magic Hands! Real amazing!

  • John


  • azharhamzahya


  • ankur


  • sOleFresh

    awesome video

  • Hiral

    this guy is legit