An upcoming iOS 5 feature has been leaked in iTunes. Following the rumor that iOS 5 would offer over-the-air downloads for iOS updates, MacRumors has uncovered a new Apple feature called “Automatic Download.”

Currently, users have to manually update App Store apps. You can update one app at a time, or update all apps at once in the App Store app. Automatic Download would allow for OTA downloading and syncing of app updates in iOS…

“It also suggests that there is an Automatic Download setting for other items besides apps. Apple has been rumored to be making a push into over-the-air updates as well as some sort of wireless syncing.”

WWDC starts Monday, and Steve Jobs will be unveiling iOS 5 and iCloud. Apple is clearly aiming at making their platforms as ‘wireless’ as possible, and this uncovering shows one more feature coming to iOS 5.

The above iTunes leak is definitely legit, because the App Store went down for a short time after this leak was uncovered by MacRumors. Now, the message has been removed.

If you read sites like iDB, you probably update your apps much more frequently than most consumers. How do you feel about this feature coming in iOS 5?

  • Breno José de Jesus (Brasil)

    I think it’s awsome because it’s kinda borring having to enter the pasword and having to open Appstore to update apps. I’d like to say that this blog is the best about iOS, I read it every day and it’s always up to date! congratulations!

    • AMB

      Same here, love the website and check it out every single day. Screw all the haters, let them look for another website if they’re not happy

  • Juan

    I’m indifferent about it. I’ll probably disable the feature.

  • Burge

    There will more than lightly be a lot more ..oh my god I’ve lost my jailbreak..
    because of OTA updates.. It’s going to be one more thing to be carefull of..

    • There will probably be settings for app updates and iOS updates separately. I hope, at least.

  • M.. I dunno if I would like it.
    Because I always love to know which apps I’m updating and what’s the new features.

    • what are*

      • JoBerlin

        Agreed. I’m using an app that was free (and still is) but the only change with one update was adding advertising. I was really glad that I could bring the old Version back to iTunes and on my iPhone. I really don’t want to update it in the future as long as it’s running.
        I’d even pay for that app if it were add free. But there is just no ad free version available.
        An “exclude apps from update” feature would be better.

  • Sy01

    I have a question what if u are on a small data plan and have them on automatic wouldt that kill it! Some people might not relize this. Just a thought!

    • Kuipo

      There probably be an option where to update only when connected to wifi

  • Switch it off and leave it off

    • Selcuk


    • kadz

      Agreed !!

  • J.Johnson

    The title of the article and the fact that the comments keep mentioning “over the air updates” give the impression that the updates were not already over the air. This is really just about auto updates…which is pretty negligible in my use of the phone. Doesn’t really seem like a big deal.

  • Hades

    Over the air iOS update would take hours and can be potentially dangerous. What with the almost 700 mb file size of an ipsw, the odds of having yourself disconnected (wifi problems, low battery etc) is quite high and one could easily brick their iDevice in the process.

    • Silenus

      Not really.
      You don’t need a 600mb update just to change antena graphics. ex: IOS 4.1
      Update size will be greatly reduced.

  • Jacksparrow

    I would just want notification but not auto update. Some apps have enhanced built for them by the community and often these enhancements are version specific. An example is pandora and skip fix enhancement built by the community.

  • So the updates won’t be 600MB+ anymore?

  • Pukka

    Well if it is over the air software update then I doubt it would be the full ipsw. Just the updated files which would be small, probably in the 10-50mb range.

  • JoBerlin

    It’s a great way for Apple to patch away all those exploits that make jailbreaking possible in a matter of days after the release of a jailbreak. Sounds like a win situation for Apple. But on the long run Apple will loose: If it weren’t for the jailbreaking community lots of cool features just won’t make it to future iOS releases because the users/jb developers can’t show apple where iOS needs enhancement or lacks usability. Just think Peter Hajas and MobileNotifier. That idea must’ve been so convincing that Apple hired him.

  • Daniel

    I’d like to see native OTA updates to my podcasts and general synching.

  • Monkey

    Wow take them this long. My old LG phone under airtouch (before it become verizon, so at least 8 years old phone) is capable of over the air updates. Hope they have copy contact to sim, delete a song, turning a song into ringtone without syncing to ituney.

  • I wonder it they would make that new firmware (IOS 5 ) hard/impossible to jailbreak