The chief executive of AT&T wireless, Ralph De La Vega, stated that the nation’s largest carrier wasn’t “happy” with its network. In an interview at the All Things Digital conference, Ralph De La Vega talked about how AT&T is trying to “reduce static” with its customers and help build a more reliable wireless network.

In light of the carrier’s consistently poor consumer ratings, it’s clear that something needs to be done to beef up AT&T. Most notably, AT&T is in the process of buying its smaller competitor, T-Mobile, for $39 billion…

Mr. De La Vega,

“We today have the most smartphones of any provider in the world. We’re pulling every lever humanly possible.”

Due to extreme smartphone saturation on the AT&T 3G network, specifically due to iPhone users, the carrier has experienced quite the strain on its data and voice quality over the years. AT&T will continue to make incremental improvements to build the reliability of its infrastructure. The T-Mobile merger is expected to greatly improve AT&T’s overall reliability and wireless speeds.

AT&T is very aware of the steps it needs to take,

“We are not happy where we are.”

To be fair, the company has gone through a smartphone/wireless data revolution, thanks to the iPhone. Mr. De La Vega alluded to the iPhone’s responsibility in AT&T’s failures, and it is true that iPhone owners use more data than most.

But AT&T is committed to its relationship with Apple, even though the two companies ended their exclusivity agreement for the iPhone this year.

The Wall Street Journal,

“Mr. De La Vega also gave a peek into working with Apple on its iPhone and iPad products. He said AT&T has put a lot of effort into making sure Apple’s information is kept secret before the products are launched, while also making sure devices are prepared and work well with AT&T’s network.”

AT&T did have an incredibly impressive first quarter earnings call. Despite the iPhone’s availability on Verizon, the iPhone’s original carrier managed a 33% increase in iPhone activations.

I tend to not favor AT&T, due to the “texts of death” that have been sent out recently to jailbreakers that tether with apps like MyWi.

What do you think about AT&T? Have you dropped AT&T for Verizon, or another carrier?

  • No. At&t forever!

  • Mark Abbott

    Look next year at this time. AT&T will be in the driver’s seat. A smart phone is not very smart when you can only do one function at a time. Why doesn’t Verizon work towards that capability?!

  • Pam

    Not yet. I’m holding out for a T-Mobile or Sprint iPhone (without unlock).

    • Jason

      I would love iPhone to be available on tmobile- I miss tmobile.

  • Rainrose

    I love AT&T

  • Wayne

    Two iPhone house in San Antonio and no problems. Switched to direct tv and DSL. Only complaint is the damn Modem but that can be fixed. Happy wit ATT

  • Junior

    I’m thinking of switching over to T-mobile from AT&T.

  • Dann

    Where I live. AT&T is great. I’ve been a member for over 10 years and they have always been willing to help me anytime I call. I’ve had some problems in 10 years, but my car has broken a few times in the past 10 years, too.

  • Chris12923

    I have att as well with really no issues that any other carrier wouldn’t have as well. As far as you tending to to not favor att for the texts of death, maybe it’s something apple has told them to enforce since apple really doesn’t like the whole jailbreaking scene. Of course well never know the real reason but I’m giving them benefit of the doubt.

  • Jacksparrow

    You don’t need to fear texts of death as long as you use the correct tethering app that properly manages the traffic. Mywi app is behind the curve.

  • Jack

    So you’re mad at AT&T because they don’t let you violate the terms of your wireless contract? The texts of death are sent because people tether through unauthorized means. It’s a travesty that tethering is an additional cost but that’s life. All the carriers so it.

    • Aaronieru

      Well if their TOS sucks, then people do have a right to complain about it…

      • Jack

        Yeah then people also have the right to pursue a contract with another carrier. Do the research before you sign and you can avoid the issue entirely.

  • Al

    I dumped AT&T for the Verizon iPhone. Best move I’ve made so far this year. So far I have not dropped call on my Verizon iPhone whereas with the AT&T iPhone I was dropping 3-4 calls per day. And did I mention that I have unlimited data with Verizon and I use mywi too, and the best part is that I have yet to receive the text of death from verizon. At&t you can go and pound some sand cause you suck!!!

  • sOleFresh

    i love my service with AT&T. No problems or issues at all and no im not saying that because i work for them. I genuinely have never had any network issues here in the orlando florida area 🙂

  • Patman

    My experiences with AT&T are all positive. They (AT&T) have ALWAYS taken the extra step to help me. First and foremost in my book is the exceptional customer service they provide. AT&T sets the standards others try to emulate . Cudos AT&T , great job !

  • bushbabyky

    I like AT&T of course one of the reasons for this is that I live right next to one of their cell towers I could literally throw a rock out of my dining room window and hit the cell tower so I even get excellent coverage in my basement.

  • Justin

    I live in the middle of Kansas and have excellent AT&T service. A lot of YouTube videos are shared at the lunch table at work and I can really see the speed difference between Verizon and AT&T.
    Never could understand all the complaints with AT&T until a recent trip to Baltimore for a week. It was so bad I found myself getting used to not reaching for my phone because it wasn’t worth it. It was so nice to get back home and have apps happily jump to life and hand over the requested data.
    So, I am happy with my carrier…. where I live.

    • Chris12923

      Well said Justin. I think thats what really matters. Why carrier works best for you whether at home or where your going to be. All carriers can’t be the fastest in every location. I think that’s damn near impossible. Even xm radio fades in certain areas but most everywhere else it’s great.

  • keith

    AT&T is great for home phone and can’t complain about the internet connection. The problem I have with AT&T is that the departments don’t or can’t work together. Each time I tried to call for Billing questions I would get a run around. The cell phone department can’t answer question about the bill but neither can the billing department make any changes to the home phone so that is another department. During Ivan I was with verizon and was the only one at work that still had a signal. Lost a lot of minutes letting att, tmobile and sprint customers use my phone to call family to they were safe. now at new job i can’t get signal in my work and it is only 3 miles from my home with 4 bars. Switched to bundle but might be going back to verizon for good customer service and better signal service.

  • kokhean

    Why does nobody understand that location is the reason of their ‘poor’ network? In smaller countries like Malaysia and Singapore, the areas they need to cover are so manageable, they only need a few satellites for them to achieve maximum network coverage. But, the US is so huge, their network can only cover so much, and those complaining are the ones where AT&T simply cannot easily reach. Added that there are people who tether on an unlimited data plan, their cost simply increases quickly.

  • Well AT&T I’m not happy with trying to charge me for tethering even though I have an UNLIMITED data plan.

  • Tammy

    I am really hating AT&T right many drop calls in day can’t count them static and echo in line when talking. Called customer service was told to set my iPhone to the 2g network in order for it to perform better. I am so pissed cuz why should I have to drop down to 2g network when I have a phone capable of much more if that the case o would have purchased a 2g phone for much cheaper then I paid for this nothing but show I got iPhone with no service phone I can’t wait til this contract is over am moving a 4 of my lines to another service..

  • Chris12923

    Tammy probably the reason they said turn 3G off is because you are on the edge of 3G limit. My parents live right on the outskirts of 3G and outside it’s
    Ok but inside the house they turn 3G off and the phone works good. Again no phone/service can work everywhere as it would just cost too much money for toweres. If this is not
    Your case then I’m
    Not sure why they told you that.

    • Tammy

      I live in the middle of town and where I live we have not been effective any of the major weather storms this has just started about a month ago before then had great setvice

    • Tammy

      I can go outside and I still have drop calls static and echoing in the line with 3 to 4 bars..I have 4 lines on my account and can’t wait for contract to end wish I could change now but would have to pay early cancellation for 4 lines

      • Al

        Go with Verizon, it’s worth the move. Luckily I only had to pay the early termination fee for 2 phones. No drop calls and unlimited data with Verizon.

  • Isis

    So far no issues jb in miami. Im pretty happy with them. I loved tmobile but i loved the iphone more so i switched. No problems.

  • iDroid

    I like AT&T, but think instead of trying to buy t-mobile they should be investing in LTE.