Following our report a few days ago that Twitter was going to be integrated into iOS 5, tech evangelist Robert Scoble is adding that not only Twitter will be integrated into iOS 5, but it will actually be built deeply into Apple’s latest iOS.

At this point we can only speculate what this deep integration is going to bring to iOS users: widgets, BBM-like messaging system, photo sharing? Your guess is as good as mine…

It would be interesting to see if Facebook is part of the integration as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t.

What kind of feature would you like this Twitter integration to bring to iOS 5? Let your imagination go wild in the comments below.

  • Fojam

    People who have a twitter and not a facebook… Wow. Why twitter And not facebook?

    • Chris

      Maybe cause Twitter is just Facebook without all the shit around it?!

      • tito

        twitter is not facebook cause nobody i know uses twitter, o well yes, i know lady gaga and celebrities use it…

  • Jason

    I guess it’s cool but not everyone has a twitter though. (I do, @jwsopoaga- follow me lol)

  • Painman

    I don’t have Twitter, Facebook suits my needs far better…..

    Maybe in iOS 6 😀

  • DebTym

    yeah. facebook is much better. i dont have a twiiter account though. but for celebrities they used twitter as a fan you will be force to make a twitter acc. i guess. i think thats the plan.haha

  • Sup

    I like this a lot! And on the FB vs Twitter argument my personal take on it is that I use both, although Facebook only to know upcoming birthdays and contact source.