iOS 5 has clearly been a source of creativity for designers across the globe. With the WWDC getting closer, we’re seeing more and more of these iOS 5 concepts. From dashboard to app switching, and from widgets to settings, there are tons of great ideas being put out there.

In this iOS 5 concept video, the Monkey Color design studio shows us how they envision Widgets, Settings, Notifications, and Favorite Friends on Apple’s upcoming operating system, and it looks good…

What do you think? Do you like that?


  • Adam

    Looks great. Fingers crossed. I hope Stevie has been following the JB community.

  • Andrew

    I’m sure we’ll get notifications of some sort. That will probably be the “big thing”. It would be awesome if they facelifted a lot of other stuff too, such as the widgets, etc shown here, but I’m not gonna hold my breath. Honestly, I’d love to see a comlete overhaul where the look and feel is COMPLETELY different. Not just a facelift, but something new where it feels like a completely new phone. Definitely not holding my breath for that either, though.

  • Topsy

    Apple are probably too daft to adopt this concept. Apple’s self Egotistic tendencies won’t let then. One very proud company I have ever seen.

  • Delete

    Too detailed for Apple. They would do something much more watered down.

  • Ocean

    iOS 5 would be nice in 4″ screen. =]

  • kswa

    in the meantime. this would make for a KILLER jailbreak package. seriously looks incredible

  • qfast’s not awesome at all..Widgets, Settings, Notifications, and Favorite Friends = Android + WP7..Widgets is a mess,it’s ugly.notifications is good, more like WP7…

  • AT33

    All I can say to Apple is, I do not care what you’re coming out with because all the new stuff will prolly be what I already have on my jailbroken iPhone 4 😀 oh and much more…

    so in a sense i might be already experiencing iOS 8.0 😀

    some of the tweeks i got

    lockinfo – my nr 1 tweek
    Celeste bluetooth transfer
    recent/calllog delete
    remove background – very useful to keep that junk in the background off with one hit

    As I said, I might be already at iOS 8.0.

    • Ajajajja rofl
      Yeah man you’re alright, jailbroken iDevices always have upgraded iOS’s

    • John

      Hw abt widgets dumb fellow

  • gallium

    Very nice. I don’t expect anything nearly as useful in ios5 though.

  • Nico


  • 2meu

    Is there a way to use tweaks from Cydia to make your phone function the way this video does it? If so, please step by step or link where I can get a tutorial…..I would like that very much….very much….this is really cool $#1+

  • Rich67801

    Noooo locks as windows. Apple is very nice. I thing apple iphone only need more battery live

  • Chris

    People keep moaning about wanting bigger screens, personally i don’t. The bigger the screen, the bigger the phone and tbh it is meant to be a mobile phone, hence the name and I certainly don’t want to walk round with a tablet sized phone or an HTC 1 which are like bricks, bigger than my foot let alone my hand !

  • Badass love it!

    • Ocean

      4″ screen does not mean bigger phone. Apple could do it. Bigger than 4″ , I agree, is useless… But 4″ with a dual core and 750-1Gb ram is an update.

  • is there a jailbreak theme for the multi tasking that was being done on the video. it look like it showed a small screen shoot of the app instead of just an icon

  • Old Tom

    so if all this isnt revealed in ios5 on june 6, which of the JB community developer gurus will look at this and make it for us jailbreakers? thats insane. love it!!

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    I hope apple has something better than the feeling of the Android and WP7 mixed together…

  • MrA

    Hey Sebastien, do you know what song that is in the video?

    • No but I think there are credits for it at the end of the video

      • MrA

        You’re right thanks. I’m an idiot :/