Apple is having its annual WWDC event next Monday and we already know that Steve Jobs is going to be there to announce the company’s new iCloud service as well as the long expected iOS 5.

Rumors about a possible iPhone 5 launch are going crazy. If there is a big unknown for the WWDC, it is Apple’s next flagship device. With conflicting reports, it’s hard to tell whether or not we’ll have a new iPhone this summer…

We know you’re not analysts, but if you had to make an educated guess, do you think Apple will reveal the iPhone 5 on Monday? Make sure to take our poll to let us know what you think.

As usual, feel free to leave a comment below should you have anything to add.

  • Hakan

    i dont know mannn, i hope they will do, it doesn’t matter if it is 4S or 5 !

  • Anonymous

    Where is the infamous “Who Cares” button?

    • I didn’t add it because the goal of this poll wasn’t to find out who cares about what, the goal was to figure out if you guys believe the iPhone 5 is coming or not.

  • iKing

    I believe so. After what happened with the iPhone 4 they would have to be more careful with their products, and so far that’s what they have done

  • khaosbane

    I hope so, but I doubt it.

  • Kent

    If it has a 4.3″ screen or larger, then I care. If it doesn’t, I don’t care. My next device is going to have a HUGE screen ^^

  • Bytenapple

    It will be released as I mentioned a couple months back. I guarantee it!

  • After all it might be one of Jobs tricks to come up with a surprise or something. Although i believe that ONE year time span for each new product is too short from the start, so delaying this one till say new years makes more sense, from a consumer point of view.

  • Suphi İlhan

    I think Apple will come out with a new device, iphone 4S or 5 doesn’t matter, to make customers forget about the hilarious antenna issue and white iphone scandal. Jobs will probably announce the new iPhone after “… and one more thing…” words 😀

  • Martin

    There has been and there is so much rumor about anything apple, every day… + what happened with lost and found iPhone 4 last year, that I think, Apple is doing its best (some kind of payback) to keep thinks in secret this year and maybe preparing really BIG suprise… With iPhone 5, with 4 – 4.3 inch screen, 64-128GB memory, central storage area. BUT, it takes probably more than a year, to design completely new device… So it will be probably similar procedure like with 3G-3GS.

  • DomPerignon

    No way. They don’t even know for sure, what features the final product is going to have.

  • 2007 June, 2008 June, 2009 June, 2010 June. My money is on 2011 June. As Public Enemy used to sing “Don’t, don’t, don’t believe the hype.”

  • Nope afraid not people
    Late September ready for Christmas

  • OrangeSn0w

    I think they will. It would ruin the company reputation if they don'[t release the product on their schedule.

  • achrisnaples

    iPhone 5? No. I think something along the lines of a 4S is much more likely.

  • Angelo

    Hello, i say it is going to be released.
    Why do i say it? Cause i heard from sources of T-Mobile Germany of iPhones that are much thinner and who possibly have a silver back. (Like iPod Touches?)

    Also i think all news saying something other than this are random rumors to support the iPhone 4 sells.
    Cause, who is going to buy something from which you know there is coming something new?

  • E-F-F

    i hope that Apple does unveil the next gen iphone now, because if they make me wait till the end of the year, i have to seriously consider switching over to andriod. because by then, the andriod market should have surpassed the appstore, and in my humble opinion, the quantity and quality if the andriod app are the only reason that i haven’t already made the switch.

    if i were Samsung, i’d push for a Q1 2012 release of their S III to catch people like me (especially if Apple decides to release their next gen iphone in Nov-Dec 2011).