Despite launching on Verizon just this February, one analyst believes Apple could be about to ditch the carrier for a second time and launch its next iPhone with 4G compatibility on AT&T only.

Todd Rethemeier, an analyst at Hudson Square Research, has ignored recent speculation that claims the fifth-generation iPhone will be called the ‘iPhone 4S‘ and will skip 4G wireless support, and claims in his report the next device will instead be called the ‘iPhone 5‘, boasting 4G compatibility and leaving Verizon behind…

Rethemeier writes:

For AT&T iPhone 5 users, this could mean download speeds of 5-10 Mbps, compared to less than 1 Mbps for a Verizon user. Certainly, when an LTE iPhone is introduced AT&T would lose some of its marketing advantage. However, even when that happens, the phone will be backwards compatible, so the AT&T iPhone 6 would be able to roam onto the HSPA+ network when an LTE network is not available, giving AT&T an advantage in suburban and rural areas for several more years, we believe.

Unfortunately Rethemeier gives us no indication of where this information has been sourced from, merely suggesting the scenario is “more likely than not.”

Is this a well-informed, intelligent guess at the route Apple is taking with its next iPhone, or merely the work of an idle-minded analyst who feels the urge to start a new rumor? What do you think? Would Apple really leave Verizon out again?

[via Cult of Mac]

  • Verizon didn’t do a fantastic job marketing their new device, and the numbers show that it, frankly, didn’t sell well. It’s not unlikely for Apple to ditch them. I’d rather them come back to AT&T anyway 🙂

    • NoahPumped

      Sadly this statement is far from the truth

  • mplsboywonder

    If the next iPhone is 4G capable, hopefully AT&T will not drop the ball. Remember how us original iPhone adopters couldn’t even send MMS for almost a year! If I am paying extra for 4G the speeds better be fast.

    I love my iPhone 4, and I actually can’t see myself needing an iPhone 5. If AT&T were to entice users with an “unlimited” 4G plan, I would totally jump. If not I think my unlimited data plan is more valuable than faster speeds.

    I also worry that AT&T will restrict speeds as well:/

    We will have to see how this all plays out. Hopefully AT&T is completely ready and wholly committed to making the 4G iPhone 5 one of the fastest smartphone devices on the planet. If not I will probably skip it like I did with the 3Gs.

  • Naw, not gonna happen. Apple finally made it official with Verizon. They’re going for more carriers, not less.

  • monkers

    Try not to be totally blinkered, the US is NOT the only place that sells/uses IPhones and AT&T are not a major carrier anywhere outside the US of A. Apple will not limit itself to one 3rd party supplier for any of it’s products, that would be business suicide. The only time that a single carrier would be offered is if Apple become service providers themselves. I think this is unlikely, hardly “core” business. They will offer their products via 3rd parties that make Apple money, shifting units is the name of the game here and always will be.

  • BrandinoJalapeno

    Unlimited 3G > Capped 4G

  • Al

    Apple will never leave behind the most reliable wireless carrier ever again. If apple ditches Verizon then I guess I’ll be keeping my Verizon iPhone 4 until it dies because I will not be switching to AT&T ever again during my lifetime.

  • Osukaru

    ATT does NOT have 4G, HSPA+ is NOT 4G…..

    • mplsboywonder

      good point!

  • but speed will get restricted using at&t and on this 4G service