How much do you want an iPad 2? What would you do to get one? Unless you’re willing to sell a part of your body, you’re probably not as desperate as Zheng, a 17 year old teenager from China, who decided to sell one of his kidneys to finance the purchase of an iPad 2.

Because he couldn’t afford it, Zheng started looking around on the internet for ways to get that money. This is when a “broker” got in touch with him and offered him 20,000 yuan (about $3,000) for one of his kidneys…

“I wanted to buy an iPad 2 but could not afford it,” said the boy surnamed Zheng in Huaishan City. “A broker contacted me on the Internet and said he could help me sell one kidney for 20,000 yuan.”

The kid accepted the offer and went to a nearby hospital where he met with the so-called broker. After getting under the knife, Zheng got his $3,000, stopped by the Apple Store and bought an iPhone and a MacBook. Apparently, he changed his mind and realized he didn’t need an iPad after all now that he could afford both a laptop and an iPhone.

When his mother saw Zheng with brand new electronics, she could smell there was something fishy about it. She quickly found out what happened and took her son to the local police station. After a short investigation, it appears that the hospital where Zheng had his kidney removed didn’t have the qualifications to do such surgery. The hospital obviously denied everything.

So this is Zheng’s story. Crazy, huh?

Do you have a crazy story to tell about what you did to afford your favorite gadget? Make sure you share it with us in the comments section below.

[Shanghai Daily via TNW]

  • Op


    • soccerkrzy

      It’s not fake moron.

      • Aaronieru

        I know, cause everything on the internet is like, totally true, right?

      • DebTym

        it’s not fake. saw it in our local news today

    • Jon Garrett

      He should have sold his balls so he cannot contaminate the rest of the world.

      • Maxtheking

        Yey right 😀

      • Aleks V


  • I wanted an iPad 2 so bad that I got a job. I was paid hourly and at the end of each week I received this thing called a ‘paycheck’ (funny name, I know). You take this paycheck to the bank and in return they give you legal tender. I saved up for a few weeks and then I was able to use the money I earned at an Apple store and bought a 32gb 3G IPad 2. It is pretty cool but more of a luxury item that if you can’t really afford you shouldn’t go out of your means to by.

    • Dios

      Lmfao.. THATS WHAT IM SAYING!!!

    • Junior


    • Lupius

      Sure, if this kid did not live in an overpopulated country he probably could have done just that, but what you are suggesting is plainly ignorant of how things are in China. The issue at hand is a kid not getting his priorities straight (electronics > kidney), and not about how to get legit sources of money.

  • c0edx

    Well he probably saved someones life and he got an iPhone and MacBook for it. What more can you ask for. If I can save Steve Jobs life and get lifetime of Apple products I will do it in a hart beat.

    • Do you have a cure for AIDS? because that’s what Steve needs but no amount of money has yet to produce a cure

      • Pablo

        Steve Jobs has aids?

      • No, this was a ridiculous comment. Steve Jobs doesn’t have aids. He has pancreatic cancer.

      • Are you his docotor? Do you have any proof that he doesn’t when there have been leaked blood test results showing he is HIV+. Do a google search on it. A lot of the general public believes he does and until Steve Jobs says he doesn’t your comment is just as ridiculous as mine.

      • And since Steve is the CEO of a publicly traded company I think we all have a right to know his current health conditions since some people have a lot of money invested in Apple stocks. His health is just as important to the company as the next version of the iPhone

      • Jack

        Evil Sebastien you’re a fucking moron. You have no right to anyone’s medical records regardless of their standing in society. While his health is important and may impact the economic success of Apple, that doesn’t allow anyone to violate his right to medical privacy. Furthermore, one cannot know whether or not Steve has AIDS, so you should probably stop stating it as a fact and say that he may have AIDS. Hey everyone! Evil Sebastien may have AIDS. See the difference? I canot know that, so I don’t pass it off as fact. Asshole.

      • van

        First of all.. AIDS goes through the process of HIV before it turns into full blown AIDS.. If he does have AIDS, Do you think with all his money he couldn’t afford medications to temporarily treat it? Look at Magic Johnson, that guy has HIV before Michael Jordan had his first retirement.. and he still doesnt have AIDS..

  • Cameron

    But look what apple are doing to people! The products prices are ridiculously high and the cost very little to make. Apple is making a 200+ bargain per product they sell. I have been saving up since the first iPhone and still don’t have enough!

    • You should learn how to save. $199/4years = $50, $50/12months = less than $6/month.

      On to the real reason I’m commenting…

      This actually hurts a bit. To see that the world is one that would let a kid sell his kidney for a materialistic thing. If there were a fund, I would’ve donated.

      • Aaronieru

        I don’t remember hearing any “buy me an iPhone” fund success stories, so no, people aren’t willing to donate money to buy random strangers electronics.

      • Cameron

        iPhones cost a lot and my job only has enough money to fund my family for food and tv, Internet etc Also I would like a MacBook pro but no money, I am however looking at a job in Australia.

      • ASS

        this is what i heard, mathass stuff

  • Daniel

    Wow. Thats pretty extreme, but he probably saved someone’s life who needed a kidney transplant, and he got $3000 for it. I don’t see a problem?

  • Ace

    That’s insane! Although, if I were in that kid’s shoes I’d probably do the same thing! Hopefully his health is ok long enough for him to enjoy his new apple stuff 🙂

  • I doubt it he will need he other kidney.

  • Hello

    He’ll die by the time he activates his iPad.

  • Overseer

    And they say that Apple products cost an arm and a leg.

    • The win

      For the win ^^^^

  • Neubit

    That jailbreak better come out quick! How else will he get apps?

  • Eldaria

    How short sighted.
    What is he going to sell when the next version comes out?

    • ASS

      his balls

  • GGGG

    Not fake. In china, many people are selling blood and kidneys for money. Police will take the kidneys from dead prisoners for selling too. Many patients in hong kong will go to china for renal transplant.
    Unlike selling at 2500 us, transplant will cost you 32000us.

  • sas

    go awesome kid!

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