Curious about what the new iCloud logo will look like? Here you go. From here, it looks like a simplified version of the MobileMe logo. At this point, there is no doubt in my mind that MobileMe is dead and being replaced by iCloud.

MobileMe never really took off and was kind of a fiasco at launch. If you have a good product with a bad history, just rebrand it, add a few new features in there, and make sure you make a big deal out of the launch, which Apple already did

So MobileMe is dead, long live iCloud! Now we want to know what iCloud can do and how much it will cost – even though rumors have it it might be free. We’re going to have to wait until Monday to find that out.

[MacRumors via @Stop]

  • Green

    looks like an outline of poop, or gas – wow apple, how creative.

    • looks like an outline of a cloud… wow Green, how creative.

      • Delete

        Still better than the lame iTunes icon!

    • iDonJulio

      How much more creative can you get with a cloud

  • Yawn if it ain’t free I’m not bothered

    • Selcuk


  • BrandinoJalapeno

    The only cloud I need is wan access to my home computer. Why pay anyone else to store and host the files that I already store and host myself? There need to be more seamless, user friendly solutions to enabling that.