Having applications that remind us of our daily tasks & chores is one of the advantages that comes with carrying an iPhone. If your memory is anything like mine, you too will struggle to dress yourself properly each morning without the help of a good to-do list app and push notifications. But AppAlert for iOS takes push notification to the next level.

Available now through Cydia, AppAlert allows you to create custom push notifications for any application. So rather than setting yourself a reminder to pay that important utility bill — which you’ll no doubt just dismiss and forget about — you can create a push notification that takes you straight into your banking app to transfer the money instantly…

The possibilities are endless: imagine launching the Phone app the minute you need to make that important call; opening your favorite internet radio app when your team kicks off; or having Angry Birds launch the second you go on your lunch break.

Check out this video of AppAlert in action:

For me, it’s a feature that should be built into iOS and is well worth its $1.99 price tag. Grab it now from the BigBoss repo in Cydia.

  • Eric

    Damn i actually like this idea a lot.

  • Eric

    Does not play well with mobileNotifier. But I guess nothing really does.

  • Breno José de Jesus (Brasil)

    I would like to know what’s the tweak he uses in the video when he slides through the pages in his SB, does anyone know?

    • @P4ul_K

      It’s called Barrel. It animates the scrolling through pages. I like curl-up, same one he uses, but there’s loads more. My favourite JB tweak

  • Jrat

    It would be nice if you could set a re-occurring notification

  • Jrat

    It would be nice if you could set a re-occurring notification. Good ideas though