SMS Signature is a new application available for jailbroken iPhones that will allow you to, as you probably figured out, add a custom signature to text messages sent from your iPhone.

After downloading the application from Cydia, you can use the Settings app to configure SMS Signature. From there, you can create and activate a custom text signature. From now on, every time you send a text message, the signature will automatically be appended to it…

I fail to see why would anyone add a signature to a text message. My mother in law does so and her signature says “Mom or Penny” so I guess there is a market for that.

SMS Signature is free in Cydia. You will have to jailbreak your iPhone first before using the app.

Would you have any use for this app?

  • Is there a default signature for SMS?

  • this seems interesting. i can see some using it for professional reasons. wouldn’t work for me cuz i use Google Voice here in the US after ditching the $30 AT&T family unlimited text plan. they need to add this functionality to Google Voice! unless they already have it & i just haven’t dug it out of the settings yet… lol

  • lewisbey

    I don’t get it. 99.9% of the people that I text already have me as a contact in their phone and know its from me. I’d think it would get annoying seeing peoples signatures on all the texts that i get. Especially if your having a conversation.

    • Johnny

      That’s only to you dumbass. I like it -__-

    • Nick


    • Biiiiiiiiiiitch!

  • r0cket

    Cool story bro, but I believe BiteSMS has this feature. Nice for those who don’t use BiteSMS.

  • soccerkrzy

    This is just stupid, you’re limited to 160 characters as it is, why would you want to limit it even more?

    Considering most people you’re texting with have a smartphone, they show their entire chat history in a conversation format like an iPhone does, why would anyone want it cluttered with extra lines of your “signature”?

    • Alison Black

      OK, so you think limiting the text lettering amount is stupid. I have used IPhone now for a couple of years and I found it better than other phones I have ever used. The lettering amount of 160 characters is for a reason, not every mobile phone you send a text to has enough room for more lettering, some don’t have more than 80 characters, but your text is not limited to 10 characters, it is just limited in one text sending. You can still type up a text of 320 characters and it will still be sent, just sent as 2 texts. I think it is sensible for Apple to have thought about this function, because other phones I have used, even Nokia, I have sent a large text and half ends up being cut off, so I would not be complaining about the lettering amount until you know the full facts.

      As for Signatures, it isn’t about you thinking who would want one of not, it is about those of us who do want it, atleast if we have that option, you can choose to use it or not to, at the moment you have to Jailbreak just to get that option, I need a signature, because it helps me to promote my Work at Home Business, so that is 1 thing that having a signature would be great for, but I am not going to Jailbreak my phone and void the warranty on it just to get that option.

  • Galactic_toast

    Signatures are annoying and unnecessary… Why woul anyone download this…?

  • Some people love annoying others or just like being assholes.

  • Leeloo24

    Club promoters do This when sending out mass SMS

  • OR the textfree app lol

  • T3viin

    Sigh..not a fanboy or anything jus wish apple would finnaly come out the closet. The iphone lacks so many features a 2g cellphone has.. I say no fanboy cuz I use my droid 2 and have loved it since..tho I do miss the jailbreaking my ipod touch in 10th grade bu yeah.. a jailbroken ipod or iphone comes only second towards the android system and this is without hitting the market place for additional features.. bu I amend the jb devs :). I still love cydia. Lol. Bu to all iphone ppl. Plz switch to android.. give it a week a day 5 minutes even.. you’ll see why I switched

    • Genesis420

      You’re a big freaking douche! Why would you come to an iPhone site talking about your weak ass android phone. iPhone comes second to nothing. Android phones come out every other month trying to compete with the iPhone. Get free (full) apps on your droid. Do all the tweaks iPhones can do on your droid. Oops, can’t. Go to the android site and talk there. Or the second option, upgrade to the best phone on the Market.

      • T3viin

        Call me what u only stating the obvious truth..never iphone wasn’t a good phone..I only stated it lacked features a 2g phone has. And I shared my experience because I can honestly say im pretty sure people are tired of waiting for jailbreaks for basic features like a signature for a text and even changing your ringtone. All I stated..get over I said no fanboy just experience.. never said I didn’t like iphone either..if it had android features which it should or I should say the basic features of a jailbroken iphone id still be with apple..

      • T3viin

        And by the way if ur gonna make an insult do ur research.. android has many phones because the android system is able to be diveresed onto different hardware. Just because apple has 1 device doesn’t mean its the best and jus because android can run on many devices its the best..I only stated again the features that people want from I devices which come straight out of the box on the android system

    • roqstarr

      dude im 13 nd i use to have an android nd now i gt the iphone 4…. nd i dnt wanna sat compared to the android ot sucks but it does i shouldnt have to jailbreak my phone 4 a sig im only 13!!!!!! im stuck with this thing till my next upgrade-___- wish me luck

  • ScrewZoo

    Needs a update to add color.

  • Manuel

    Fighting in iDB. It never gets old 🙂